July 16, 2008

If I don’t write a guy off because of his misspellings then it’s his musical tastes that are so unlike mine or he dresses up funnily or he’s done it with too many women. And if he doesn’t fall into this group then he has an attitude problem, of course. Hell is looking for a nice boyfriend in this city. Compared to that, other people are--well, perhaps not a walk in the park, but something much closer to limbo.

Note to self: be careful about giving your phone number to guys who sing. While they sound glorious on stage it doesn’t mean they make swell boyfriends.

There is so very much wrong and so little I can do to make it right. Even if I could change things I wouldn't know where to friggin start. This just feels like it’s beyond my control and it’s depressing even to mull over. I think all I need to do now is drink myself into a dream. So next time you see me, I'll probably be singing one of those sad love-me songs on stage. Welcome to my irrational world!

I think I’m done with this post. I don’t really have any clever ideas to conclude this entry except to say that I love David Gray and ‘Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)’ was a track originally covered by Vertical Horizon (I think). I like both the versions but since the Vertical Horizon track I’ve got isn’t so very clear here’s David Gray:

‘…..Now I’m here to stay
Love can be so boring
Nothing’s quite the same now
I just say your name now’