August 24, 2009


Dear single bed,

Don't be upset that I left so hastily at first light. You were still doing a fine job. It’s just that I've got stuff to do, work and the like. I know, I know, it’s no justification for exiting the way I did. But we've got a great thing going. You're snuggly and warm. Perhaps tonight I'll come by a little bit early. Swear you aren’t mad?

Dear Alarm,

Two words - bite me! Don’t you go controlling me with your earsplitting, bothersome moaning. I tell you to seal it but a few minutes later you start in with the harassing again. If I get really mad, I'd leave you out in some chilly, isolated sports ground on a dark night and beat your ass. You've been notified. You're on my list.

Dear Head,

Firstly, what is the deal with the odd dreams? Scenes of my high school friends are bad enough without people throwing rotten fruit at the basketball hoops. Perhaps more warped is the fact that, in the dream, I recollect wearing L.L Cool J’s clothes. What's up with that, brain? Oh, and yes, I know – the English teacher got it going on. Enough already!

Before I started a review here, I decided to make a few inquiries. It became apparent that people are divided about this band. One group finds this excellent stuff...its rich, mellow, melodious and its just plain enjoyable while the other camp thinks it doesn’t follow the kind of music I usually listen to and hence, kinda blows. While it would be humorous to write about an album or song that sucks, I can't say that about Télépopmusik’s 2005 release, ‘Don’t look back’ featuring Angela McCluskey. It’s simply a fantastic song which is attuned to trip hop, downtempo, French electronic music.

Télépopmusik (a band, not a person, although there are people; They're collectively called a band, capiche?) is considered Electronic- Pop. I'm sure the fact that I don't like Electro isn't lost on you. But I'm starting to learn that this genre of music isn't necessarily a dreadful thing. There's plunk and I'm not a big plunk fan (not that there's anything wrong with that) but here it works. This is honest music. It’s not gaudy and loud. It’s just a simple, uncomplicated track. The lyrics and the beats are intensely clever, yet not too clever for their own good. The track ‘Don’t look back’ opens in a very offbeat way. It literally stopped me in my tracks when I first heard it and it still does (I mean, really, I just got through listening to it).

You're all smart people...and if you're anything like me you're a little tired of having the same old crap shoved down your throats by record companies. This is different, smart and refreshing. Join me in cleansing your musical pores. This is where we start.