August 25, 2008

A Date with Karma6

So for those who want to know what went down yesterday here goes… Ruan and I went to Landmark to get a present for Tony’s upcoming birthday and I had found the perfect gift. For someone who likes Gordon Summers (Sting) so much I bought a book titled ‘Lyrics by Sting’. The book contains Sting’s collection of lyrics along with his commentary for each song and black-and-white pictures that would make any Police fan quite ridiculously happy. Giving Tony this gift was the best part of it all- the innumerable kisses I got back was priceless.

I found myself with nothing to do the entire evening, so I decided to go with Runa to palace grounds to watch the Independence Rock concert. The thought of seeing Karma6 in concert again sorta invigorated me. I never made it for many of the Sunday Jam events because there are hardly any girls at the concert and secondly, I don’t dig strange death metal music. I prefer listening to music that I can hear and understand, not cringe and head bang to. Runa and I got to the concert just when Karma6 got on stage to do their sound check. We screamed Tony’s name so that he could see where we were and then we waited for the magic to happen. Being at the concert, I came upon two conclusions. First, the guitarists- Prakash, Alwyn and Tony are bloody great. Effortlessly, they rocked with the purest sort of rough-edge glee. Fantastic. Mark had the crowd going with his classic rock voice that makes you melt like butter on a biscuit. This five-piece South Indian convergence of classic and new, rock and yes, we'll say it, roll, has made quite the impression on the Bangalore crowd. The band performed tracks by Mr. Big, Foo Fighters, Coldplay including the track that got them all on TV- the Earth song.

Overall, many of the tracks they managed to get right. Some others, however, are caught between good- but- not-a- good -fit- for a rock concert. If I had the time to stay on till the end of the entire concert I would’ve loved to tell the band that they put up an awesome show and I swear that with their own compositions they would make Bangalore gods to rock fans. Tony, the music genius of the band is going to be busy writing the lyrics for their upcoming album and I can’t wait for them to show B’lore their own stuff. My only complaint is the fact that there were some girls who were screaming crazy whenever Mark came around the corner. Ugh, I hate the stench of hyperactivity. And that's about all I can say about that fantastic concert. Woohoo!

So, I’ve created a new blog. It won’t be an everyday thing like this blog but it will be updated on weekends. I’m attempting to write posts dedicated to one man I honestly don’t know a lot about so I’m just going to wing it. Why would I decide to do this? Easy, the voices in my head asked me to. This will be quite the adventure, especially since I hardly stay in love for too long. So the new blog is about Jeff Buckley and my life with his music. Basically, a personal blog such as this one but just the songs played and reviews made will just be on Jeff Buckley’s tracks. I can’t wait to share the music that leads me to have an outburst of emotion. His songs do not let up in intensity and it will have you singing along. Even if this is not your style of music, his music is still gripping. The lyrics are believable and many people can relate to such regrets. The rhythm of the songs is moving and fit well with the lyrics. The lyrics are definitely the most serious and straight-forward part of Buckley’s normal freestyle type vibe. With a 5 minute plus running time his songs never seem long but rather it leaves you wanting more, which is usually why I put it on repeat. If you like songs with layers and no screaming (no offense to screamo fans) this is your guy, your blog. I’m open to suggestions and criticisms that will help me make this blog an interesting read. And with that I leave you with this track by Travis called ‘Side’.