July 30, 2008

After half a day of working and the rest spent on a book ‘Infidel’ (John’s gift to me). Things are good. I love it here in B’lore. Impossible to put into words but very cool.

When I reached home from work, I decided to go for a walk. So many interesting people at this time of the day. The veterinary clinic's opened and I can see the dogs and their owners lined up on the pavement, waiting to see pet vet extraordinaire. Dirty laundry is piling up at auntie’s store but no matter what, she’s always so nice tempered. Weird creepy man always comes out when I pass by his house and there’s my dog- who follows me whenever I take a walk. He’s so protective. Short-stuff is only about 2 ft tall but he looks so tough when he struts around the place. It’s hard not to laugh.

Would someone explain me to myself? I was hoping to see Dex and yesterday I had the perfect reason too. It was a mutual friend’s birthday and Dex messaged to ask me if I was going. I told him I wasn’t. I’ve been feeling quite out of it lately for some reason.

I hate dreaming and not following through on said dreams because I’ve started dreaming about something else. So now I’m going to buy some ice-cream and cry while I eat every single spoonful and get enormously fat.

I’ve decided I’m going to learn how to cook (CK, you should be proud of me). I figure, I’m going to have to eat everyday for the rest of my long life so it would be a great idea if I learnt how to make the food I so easily put into my mouth. My mum, being the fiery telegite that she is, loves to put chilies in everything, cooking for myself will be the only way I know for sure what exactly goes into my food.

Yesterday, I had posted a track by one of my new favorite artists- Brandi Carlile. She’s one of the many women out there making brilliant music. Her sound can be cited as influences from artists such as K.D Lang, Jeff Buckley and Radiohead. She’s a rare breed today that crafts an entire album so carefully to fit and flow together into a great listen. She’s found a way to capture this magic time and time again. Her soaring voice may make others cringe but it makes her sound so unique and that’s what has gotten her upon the main stage of modern music.

That's Brandi Carlile with twin brothers Tim and Phil Hanseroth, who play the guitar and bass. Tim and Phil, along with Brandi, co-produced Brandi's self-titled album.

‘The Story’ was a single from the album recorded in an eleven-day-long session. The audible crack in Carlile's vocals was a mistake but was part of the way the album was recorded. She describes the vocals as "technically wrong but emotionally right.”

To Dex.