May 18, 2009

On my list of much loved things to do to pass the time, is something I’ve come to love and perfect with time. It can be done at any place, at no cost and it’s a pretty much surefire way to see something or someone entertaining. One of the people I love to do this with is Ash, she really gets into it because we used to meet a fair bit and often at joints where we get to see loads of people and end up making fun of them. For example, the group of ‘Jack Sparrow’s absolutely wearable fashion apparel’ blokes or the wannabe cheerleaders who were unfortunately coming off as loud and noisy than excited! In a situation like this you only get to hear a few words of the conversation and you fill in the unheard bits yourself, which leads to some bizarre and giggle-filled conversations. While most people sitting next to you are left wondering exactly why the two of us have been attacked with out of control laughter.

The point of watching people is that you can build up the most far-fetched picture about them and there’s a part of you that knows that it could actually be spot on. It’s also the chance to brazenly pass judgment on other people’s dressing styles, boyfriends and lifestyle. I’m always surprised by the quantity of people who seem to not realize the fact that there are others who watch them. I’ve seen so many people do things when they think nobody can see them. But that’s the thing; there is always somebody who’s watching, and yes, that somebody is usually always me!

I had this grand idea exactly one year ago to make a musical diary of my life. I got down to it right after my friend, Runa told me it was a great idea to help people discover the music I listen to. And I am still working on it almost a year later. It’s a pretty massive task to capture your life and shave it down to a song. But it will be a splendid piece of work when it is finished. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration.

But I need to stop writing.

And I do need to give you some music to satisfy the lonely people out there.
Franz Ferdinand is one of those bands that you either fell in love with five years ago with the first strains of the dance-punk title track “Take me out,” or you’ve simply ignored them since then. If you didn’t dig their sound right off the bat then their album 'You Could Have It So Much Better' (2005), probably didn’t do much for you either. Essentially it was enough to prove to the world that they were still around, but not really anything new.
That all changed earlier this year with the release of their third full length album ‘Tonight: Franz Ferdinand’. Their signature sound is still intact. But they’ve thrown in a nice blend of curve balls and change ups to prove once and for all that Franz Ferdinand really does rule the kingdom of “the” bands. The recently released single, “No you girls never know” is what I’m playing for you folks today. At the very end of it when your mind tells you “ok, one more time,” you will wholeheartedly agree as you play it again, and again, and again.