March 19, 2009

I’ve had these thoughts fixed in my mind for a while now.

True love doesn’t really exist.

I reckon that’s terribly skeptical of me to say, but I need evidence that it is possible today.

I wish I could actually believe that it exists. Maybe that’s why love stories are so famous and why they’re so many of them. Hollywood or Bollywood makes us believe that love exists.
It’s always the same story, boy meets girl, they falls in love and live happily ever after.

But love doesn’t exist in true color, as much as I want to believe that it does.

I guess, not for me, anyway.

Even though it went up to being quite warm today, the morning started cold and calm. It made me strangely subdued when I left home to catch my cab. Something about the weather that reminded me of how consoling it can be to feel cheerless. I can’t even explain the cause of my poignancy, and can only guess that comprehension and acknowledgement are resting within me. My only saving grace is that I feel sufficiently convinced to accept it and get on with it.

As the day drags on, things start to wear me down. Tiredness and looking at the computer screen far too long, dries my eyes. I kept trying to get a hold of what was happening, kept trying to hide my groaning despondency from those about me and I think I was quite successful at this game of pretence.

Fortunately, I have a smile in my wardrobe for days like these.
‘Dear Jason Wade,

I feel obliged to write you a short and honest letter here on the web. If I was capable of it, I would’ve gone back in history to 1999 and left this note in your journal or your book of lyrics, but sadly we weren’t in the same continent, did not attend the same school, and traveling back in time is impossible (hmmm… unless I were Dr. Manhattan, which would mean I’d be naked, blue and absolutely smart…which sounds too good to be true). So this scanty little space on the web will have to be enough.

Never change. Stay the same forever. Keep making music that’s as good as or better than your most recent album ‘Who we are’. It sounds like twelve soundtracks put together with perfect rhythm, chord progression, happiness, and whatever smiles and hope sounds like. The first time I heard your music you changed my life forever and I hope that your music continues to get to me the way you always do.’
If you’re going to listen to this song, turn the lights down, or at least close your eyes. Remove yourself of any other noise. Breathe slowly for 30 seconds before playing it. This song deserves it. You deserve it.

Do stay tuned for more great music coming soon this summer. Be aware, there is so much more good music in this world so do not limit yourself.

Check back often.

‘Broken’ by Lifehouse.