January 05, 2009

Almost lame to recap it- but 2008 was full of good friends and new friends and family and travel and fun; the blog came out, I created a second one too and I met so many amazing people. So looking back, even the low points seem pretty puny. Like oh, I endured some mild sexual harassment and secondhand quiche and cried after a bad day at work.

This might be the year I settled down a little. To be honest, I wish most of it is going to be spent listening to music, watching movies and reading books…. in bed. I mean, I still behave like I am my own tiny tot in terms of mealtimes and bedtimes and well, most times.
I know I’m probably supposed to be socializing at the ripe age of 25 but at the moment I’ve decided to stay in, take a nice long bath and watch a couple of movies instead. Look who's a grown up; with cupcake crumbs on her shorts.

A few guilty delights:

*Sweet Chariot’s Lemon tarts. They’re so lemony and sinful… and I know I can never stop with just one but that doesn’t stop me.

*Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best.”

*A DVD of Russell Peters’ show in New York. *Cosmo magazines. (I know, I know: we’re all supposed to be showing a feminist front on this one, but I can’t help it.)

*Croaking Bette Midler’s ‘The rose’. Say what you will, but I’ll never stop. Never!

Okay, I want to write, and if it’s not up to par, then I’ll just keep writing. You don’t have to read it; it really won’t hurt my feelings. I wanted to surprise you all by giving EC a little pizzazz with a fantastic new template, but then I remembered that I know absolutely nothing about how to actually make a fantastic blog. Who knew? Maybe I’ll get a Mysterious Fan or marry some sort of internet expert or something, and he’ll design a brilliant one for me while I laze around, eating cupcakes and reading Cosmo, but in the meantime, this is all I got.

So, in short, there are no promises that the posts in 2009 won’t be stale or lame. If it is, feel free to let me know. Critics and troublemakers are always welcome.

It’s not just the wine talking; I really do love you, baby.

I am so ready for 2009 I can hardly stand it. I hope you’re happy and well.

On the music front, I have a song that a new friend had sent me- Check it out.
It sure will make you happy and blow your mind at the same time. Yes, it is that good. It’s good enough that for the next month you won’t take it off your play list. It’s good enough that you just might forget that you heard the original. This is one of the hardest songs to cover and in all sincerity I can honestly say that I love this singer, his voice and the way he sang this cover. Simple brilliance.

That’s all I’ve got for you today little addicts. See you soon with another update and another track. Here’s Mat Weddle of ‘Obadiah Parker’ covering Outkast’s ‘Hey ya’. To EC’s newest reader- Yuvi.