July 27, 2009

I spent Friday morning at home and then went to meet Natasha, a friend I would be seeing after 15 long years (thanks to Facebook, we found each other again). Its weird meeting someone that shared your snacks, played in the mud with you and held your hand during parent-teacher meetings. I always feel strange facing people from my past, because while I love recollecting and reliving those memories, I know I won’t ever live there again, and while I love meeting old friends, I know that they are so different now. I don’t really know where my current friends will be a couple of years from now, and sometimes that makes me feel anxious.
However, my meeting was anything but anxious. We did nothing but talk about old times and our lives now. I even got to revisit that favorite feeling from my childhood, the one where we’d bunk classes just to go eat some of those black and white peppermint candies, kick the mud and get our white shirts dirty, sleep with happy tiredness and exhaustion, then wake up in the morning, listen to our parents shouting at us for being horrible little imps, and then get our shirts mud-stained again.
The story might seem really lame, but lame is sort of a doubtful point when you’re talking about what makes you all emotional. And it wasn’t that I got emotional because the little friends I befriended back then were so cute and true and modest, but seeing them in the flesh it got to me. That’s right: I teared up after hugging Nat and watching her ride away. Recollecting misty water colored memories, don’t make me cry? No. Just coming face to face with them, apparently.

Alright, you’re just here for the music so let’s get to it. This one’s a blast from the past. Before you listen to it be warned that this baby is a one-hit wonder from 1997 by White Town aka Jyoti Prakash Mishra. It’s worth it, but plan accordingly. And a bit of snooping around led me to his blog named ‘Bzangy Groink’.

The track ‘Your Woman’ reminds me a lot of early 90’s pop smashed up against standard Ace of Base. Interested?
Anyway, if we were playing “one of these things is not like the others” this would be the track you should choose. Where the rest of this month is filled with typical folk/alternative styles, this track is as smooth and fluid as we all thought Prince and Gloria Estefan used to be. I could have kept this information to myself and only listened to it with headphones on, pretending all along I was nodding my head to new tracks by some awesome rock band, but at some point the lies would have caught up with me. And a liar is just not the type of blogger that I want to be. Good week, blogosphere!