June 22, 2008

What Normal People Hear

Here I am, bored as hell on a Sunday evening. Folks have been complaining that I never spend enough time with them nowadays and that I’m much undisciplined. By undisciplined of course they mean I do the things I want to do without asking their permission. My twin and I decided we couldn’t take the shit at home anymore. It isn’t final as yet, but we’ve zeroed in on a place and we’re planning to move into it next month or so. Something close to home so that my parents wont feel abandoned and far enough to call it our own.

Last night I dreamt of the crooner and how awfully nice it would be to see him again. I hate that he just moved on and never bothered to give me an explanation. I’m so mad and hurt and I can’t help but wonder why I couldn’t get him to stay with me.*blah* I should really learn to let him go. I hate that feeling you get when you get something you’ve always fantasized about and it doesn’t turn out to be what you thought it would be. I guess that’s life. Some things just can’t be explained.

I was looking at this picture of Bipasha Basu looking all toned and polished. Pretty scary, huh? Yet, we’re starting to believe that this stuff is real, that skin is supposed to look like that.

I think I’m having an existential crisis. I don’t even know what that means...but it feels like I’m going through something like that right now.

What’s the point of anything? I need someone to argue with.

Taika’s wasn’t so great last night. I wasn’t up to it and watching everybody else jump around didn’t make me feel better one bit. I met one of my ex’s friends. He saved the night or was it the alcohol??

Cancelled plans to go for the play. Mood’s killing me. I watched this really cool movie yesterday morning called '21'. I looooovvvveee Jim Sturgess.

Read this somewhere: ‘The earth is round. That means we’re all on the same side.’

For my crooner 'Not one night' by Mr. Big