September 22, 2008

An Update

Saturday: There were some really cool clouds out. The ones that look big, fluffy, lumpy like the way perfectly-made mashed potatoes should look. I got back home with Ash at 6:00 pm after buying my birthday dress, holed clay pots and stuff we needed for the invitations. Bought some presents for my friend, the airhostess and decided to give them through Ruan as she’ll be leaving to Doha end of the week. Then Ash and I got down to handwriting the invitations using a couple of lines from a spooky Edgar Allan Poe poem.
After finishing the invitations, we gave each other a look of relief and then proceeded to snapping off pictures of each other.
Sunday: Invitations- check, Dress- check, Caterers- check. All that’s left is the big part of getting my terrace ready for the party which is going to involve a lot of cleaning up. The day of rest before the big storm.
Mr. Flirt is back. For those who didn’t know (which is about everyone), Mr. Flirt left for a week to another country but is back. I now suddenly feel all carefree, smiling, like I’m dancing on sunbeams. I hear the breeze ruffle blades of grass and sigh in happiness; can I possibly decide upon a course which offers even more pleasure? Perhaps.
Moving on, we exchanged easy, playful hugs and kisses in the form of sarcastic comments and in denial that we both missed each other. Finally after a long conversation, we ended the call secure in our friendship and love.

I also went to Amway for a product sampling event with my sisters and I met one very interesting young man- a man who knew a lot about facial products. After he was done with my sister’s face, he signaled me to take my seat. I looked at him and said ‘no one touches this face except me’. He laughed and boy! That was one awesome laugh and just then I regretted for not having my face pampered. Visit to the nutritionist was worse. He wrote down a couple of numbers on a piece of paper and handed it to me. This led to a terrible realization- I was underweight. I walked out and met my bro-in-law who was waiting in the car. The drive back we had to endure my sisters go on and on about how the guy who did their facials was like god and it so made me jealous.

Monday: The preparations are coming along nicely and Ash did a great job on sticking to it and helping me out. I think we are doing great apart from the fact that I cant stop myself but invite every person I meet.

Keeping my fingers crossed about the whole thing. Will keep you updated on the latest…
‘Bottle it up’ is a fascinating track after the big international hit ‘Love Song’ by American singer-songwriter and pianist Sara Bareilles. The song, slowly making it onto the charts, is about love which is what makes the world go round and everything else worth it. With simple but effective instrumentation it’s one of those songs that you’d love to sing along to. Sara Bareilles is a keeper.