July 08, 2009

Happy 26!

While we're on a roll celebrating the joy of life, tomorrow is my friend Ruan’s 26th birthday. Ru is officially one of my closest friends, because she’s the person I see everyday at work, spend every free and fun moment with, we’re practically neighbors, we know the same people and are still currently BFF. Ruan once told me that she loved me even though she could barely walk and was having the worst possible day. This is only one of the many things to love about Ruan. She moved to my area after we passed out of college, which is great for me, in terms of friend locale and convenience. She sort of is like a Superfriend, but with more cuteness and craziness. She claims she's celebrating her day in low-key style at home with close friends and family but I suspect that's just a cover story. No doubt she's celebrating her birthday in family's traditional manner: at a sleazy joint, burning through a wad of singles, taking home some great gifts and waking up with a hangover. Happy Birthday Ru… Ray LaMontagne for you…

A real update before week's out, I promise. Until then, replaying this over and over again should keep you guys busy. Peace out!