January 18, 2010

I have decided to watch American Idol this season because it’s said to be the last season of Simon Cowell as judge and Simon Fuller as writer of the show. But here’s a funny fact of AI. If it proves to be a representation of society, then it shows a ridiculously soaring population of people who are just clearly kookoo. There are a lot of people who, as it appears, have no self-control systems, are nuts and/or absolutely psychos, and enclose themselves with friends and family who have the same opinion that they're brilliant when they, in reality, sound like dying animals.

Folks, you need to start taping your voices before you try out for the biggest competition in your country. Apart from torturing people with voices you never thought you had, I simply can’t believe some people are so dense to not know if they can sing or not. If I ever decide to sing in public, shoot me before I hurt anyone.

Oooh, the degree of separation between me and cute guy is about to shrink by a factor of about a thousand. I now sit just a few rows away from him. Just a note, I meant that in a totally non-freaky-stalkerish way. ... And I’m hoping this guy will help me out with a few tips.

I have nothing against R&B and Hip-Hop. In fact, their songs have formed the backbone of my music listening. And so I keep finding myself returning to this genre when I find a particular artist or song is a great pleasure to listen to. R&B found a new canon, and if the old standards will never entirely go away, there was plenty evidence that the genre was growing, incorporating the great music of the near past, just as it always has.

Alicia Keys was my great musical discovery of the past week. I missed catching up with the album as soon as it came out, dismissing it as miserable new school pop droning. My loss. Keys’ career started off good, lost her way in the middle and then got ridiculously great. And she saved the best for last. Keys’ released her most recent album 'The Element of Freedom' in December 15, 2009 that will, someday be recognized as one of R&B’s masterpieces.