June 10, 2008

Dysfunctional Harmony

Enjoying clarity helps you discover certain things about the universe. Life has a way of leading you into other directions and all it requires you to do is focus your energies there.
I am glad that there are so many independent musicians out there making great music and sharing it with the world.

A Rule I try to live by - Listen to people that aren't played a hundred times an hour on the radio. Know about the local talent. Seek out new music.

I don't buy CDs every day. It’s not the albums that come out in big music stores that profoundly alter your life. It’s the type of music that you find of some not so famous guy who sings with soul that makes your heart feel heavy. I’d love to get involved with music, concerts and sounds from people I like. The more support the bands you love get, the more they are able to make music for art’s sake.

Last nite I met RJ and the new guy for dinner. We’re trying to squeeze in as many meetings before the week gets over. RJ leaves on sat and her farewell party proves to be drunken-fun-disaster! I didn’t plan on going out for dinner last night but then I need to get my mind off plenty of things. Like Mr. N, who thinks he was being honest but totally shattered my image of him possibly being my knight in shining armor. Apparently he believes that leaving everything he had in another place and coming down to the homeland will make my heart melt.

I wonder how my lost friend is doing now. I sorta feel sad for being too tough on him. But I’ve learnt that you’ve got to let something’s go when it doesn't make sense to hang on to it anymore.

CK thanks for the proposal. Getting down on your knees... Ooh.. that must have hurt! hehe

I wonder if I’m going to die alone. Probably!

Have a great evening. I enjoyed the ramble.

Let There Be Noise

A new rage that’s hitting the western world and its only time before it hits ours: the new "married singles". According to news the ‘married single’ is the newlywed woman who isn't joined at her husband’s hip. She is her own woman. Her new husband moves into her place, she has a great career life and her own bank account. This spells empowerment for women, women to be financially independent of men at all times. I think its best that women never have to stay in marriage because they can't afford to be alone. The Cinderella story doesn’t hold true anymore really.

Amy Winehouse. This chick is nuts, but she can sure put out a catchy tune. I loved the whole 60’s feel she’s got going with her music. Not going to rehab never sounded so good. Never mind that she could really use some weeks at the latest celebrity flush house.

Far and away the best thing I listened to on the radio today was this woman who goes by the name of Ingrid Michaelson.