September 07, 2008

Another Weekend at Pecos

Church street, Brigade Road
Drinks consumed: many beers

Yesterday, it was planned that we’d meet at PECOS for brunch. Shreyas and I promised each other- ‘We drink for 2 hours and we’re out of here’ but I’m glad PECOS had plans of its own. When a friend called me, I told her, "I'm observing the fact that it’s 8pm. I seem not to have moved, and I'm wondering what to do about it." Well, this time we really outdid ourselves. I had two options. First, I could just observe and analyze my situation. Or second, I could move. When I type it now, it doesn't seem that complicated, but I promise that in the moment it was. From this event, I realized that I will probably be dead due to alcohol poisoning if I actually keep this up.

I am a sucker for nostalgia and a self-proclaimed Pecos devotee. I am unable to give up my love for the beer-soaked music lover’s dream place. Pecos is one of those pubs whose clientele listen mainly to classic rock and is never in danger of hearing Britney Spears or something equally awful. This watering hole contains a much larger working class faction than the yuppies flocking to Church Street’s trendy eateries, pubs and clubs. Through the front door, up a flight of stairs, on the first floor, the first table on your right- my favorite seat in the house. Unlike so many drinking areas in the city, this one feels like you've stumbled upon a brilliant secret. Running a good pub means more than cleaning the taps and offering cheap draught beer. It's also about making the pub a place that people can call "home." And what better way to create an environment than by playing music that will make even the snootiest music snob smile? Pecos leaves in the classics much longer than anything new. While the place tends to get crowded on weekend nights, it is almost always empty early, making it easy to find a seat.

Yes, I drank 6 (or more)

…..but no, I wasn’t.

First, we drank a couple of pitchers with Venky and Alexis. After they left Shreyas and me decided we’d have another and head out. But then Ck joined us and we had a couple more beers to wash down the lunch. Ck left and movie plans were being made. However we weren't ready to leave yet so we hung around till I spotted someone I recognized. My dad’s best friend. I invited him over to our table and we had a couple more pitchers. Who would’ve thought I had more in common with the old timer than my dad had with him. I got back home, spoke to Mr. Flirt, who was awfully ill and then I stayed up late talking to an ex who’s going to be back in b’lore next week. Funny, how we both decided within a couple of hours that we wanted to get back with each other. I need to stop drinking so much!

Feels like yesterday and today blended into one. Today has been one of the most relaxing days ever. I slept in and only woke up at 10.30 in the morning. The only productive thing I did do was clean up my room and it feels so good to have a clean room. The best part of the day was Onam lunch at Runa’s place and here I am updating the sweet nothings of a beautiful day on this blog. I was planning to watch Veronica Mars but have decided to get started on fellow blogger- The Compulsive Confessor’s book ‘You are here’. And thus ends my update on the weekend and yes everything about it was awesome and wonderful.
A favourite at Pecos- 'The Joker' by Steve Miller Band.