July 06, 2009

MJ Tribute Night

Not long ago, B’lore’s most famous singers announced that they would be performing a couple of Michael Jackson tracks as a tribute. That was a bit awesome for those of us who could pay our respects to this amazing singer and have a good time. I was lucky enough to snag some tickets to the show, and after days of waiting, actually go for it last night. It was all I could have wanted, a strong show to say the least-- and the set list was perfect.

In a very smart move, the group performed on Sunday evening and today at Kyra. It was a couple of hours long, covering a respectable mix of songs from ‘Thriller’ to ‘HIStory’, while hitting some of their fans' favorites. Mark Lazaro did an especially nice job on the track - "Man in the Mirror," taking it down a few notches tempo-wise while the crowd sang along. "You are not alone" loses a bit of kick but it’s forgivable.

There was a four-piece band: Willy on drums, Gaurav Vaz and Tony Das on the guitars and Karan on the keyboard. The lead vocalist changed with songs and the band was very smooth and flexible. The drummer and lead guitarist in particular were superb, bringing a wild tinge to everything.
While it's not the same as being at an MJ concert, the band sure wasn’t a bad alternative. Being able to hear the crowd cheer and sing, and the musicians interact with audience-- that kind of interactivity adds another dimension to a show.

Overall a superb night. Definitely singers to watch out for if they decide to go on tour. Hopefully B’lore will get to hear heaps more of the music. The night really captured the excitement of a great live show, which seems to be tough to see nowadays. Praise to the genius who thought up with this event - let's hope we see more live stuff, huh?

It’s always nice to hear songs by popular artists covered by talented individuals. One of the songs sung at the tribute was ‘Dirty Diana’. It’s another personal favourite of mine because it features Slash on it. What’s not to like about the track?

That’s all for the weekend’s roundup. Come back soon. Enjoy the music and the week!