August 03, 2010

I Am So Worn-Out These Days

What is the deal? I KNOW you think it’s just a symptom of the weather, but does it have to be that? I figure my being so worn-out all the time is just due to the hurt of living or whatever. Life went gangrenous at some point in the past year, with the extra money and the football and the online dates-a-thons. It’s a lot for one person. It’s a lot for all of us.

On top of which, there’s never been so much to stay up for! The interwebs! Facebook is a nightmare calling my name every minute of the day. People have statuses: attention must be given. Someone’s posting pictures to their galley on Flickr: I need to be there to offer encouragement. Guys I like are posting links, for real, like EVERY DAY. What happens if I don’t click on them? I don’t want to find out, and neither do you. It’s a wonder I get any time to sleep. I should be applauded.

My key to staying awake remains to be tea. I find now that one cup a day is about all my body can handle, but that’s sufficient to get me through most of the morning. Awesome! Good job everybody, let’s go home. But what’s this? There’s more to the day, turns out. Is Facebook to blame, somehow?

So it’s been with great interest that I’ve turned to getting out of the house more lately and trying to limit the online activity. But I’ve realized I’ve done more shopping in the past three days than I would in a month. I think I like the latter the least. So the point is I’m here, exhausted after work and the gym but updating my blog. Playing a part in the online discussion. Creating content. Presenting all of you who are sitting in front of your computer screens a good reason for doing so. I am now free of my responsibilities for the evening; who knows where the blogospheres will take me next. My ass is numb, my bed cold but my laptop is affectionately warm. There’s a playlist queue to organize. There’s media pouncing on a male actor struggling to hold on to some slice of self-respect as he paints his face white for a red carpet event. There is music to reach out to, and high-resolution photographs of dishes I’m not interested in eating. I’m awake, let’s friggin’ do this.

Zero 7: noun – a kickass electronic/power-pop styled musical duo.

Oh, and the track by them 'In The Waiting Line' features vocals by Sophie Barker. So play it, turn it up, and stay still, because they’ll be sure to bring the noise.

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