July 30, 2009

You Give Me Fever

In the days leading up to my eventual contracting of the most terrible Flu I’ve ever had and it was hard to know what to believe; One camp was saying, "Watch out!" and the other camp was saying, "But it's just a cold." In fact, even in my own household, the four of us each displayed dissimilar symptoms, and if it wasn't for the fact that we all had it at pretty much the same time, I would have said we all had different illnesses.
So which camp was right? Well, in some sense, both camps are probably correct. The illness was just the flu, but boy did it hit me with a vengeance.

Now, keep in mind that I don't get sick all that often. Well, before joining the company and being away from central air-conditioning I used to be stricken with anything substantial once every couple of years. This time around, though, I felt as though I had been surfing and got wiped out by the "big kahuna" (whatever that is).

My fever lasted six days, mostly hovering around normal temperature but peaking one morning. That particular morning was wretched. I swapped between freezing and sweating profusely. Headache, body aches, and all that yucky stuff went together with it. Aside from the fever, the worst part of the flu, for me, was feeling so weak that I could barely walk out of my room and back and the cough! In fact, I'm still coughing, and this is after spending my entire 4 day vacation initially coming down with it. So basically this meant that I had to stay home, confined to my bed. My friends whose parties I had to attend weren't thrilled about that. I did try writing something, but frankly, I've been feeling so anemic and sluggish that it was hard to concentrate on anything.

I've been good ... I've gotten sleep, I haven't yielded to the temptations of doing stuff that needs me to get out and have fun, and I'm trying to get past this thing. I don't know how much of it's because I'm older (funny how that works) ... I suppose as one gets ages, it takes longer to recuperate from these things. I don't know.
Yes, it's the flu and it feels like the flu, but it's never taken me this long to bounce back before.
Anyway, that's it! There are tons and tons of articles on ways to protect yourself from the flu. Obvious stupid safety measures that any simple minded moron already knew. Wash your hands, stay away from the sick folk, don't pick your snout... take a bath. You know the same typical bullshit any person looking to worry you would say on a blog.
‘Rock & Roll’ is the creative outlet of singer Eric Hutchinson, a hugely prolific artist from Washington D.C and the track you’re going to be listening to today was an immediate favorite of mine. The guitar playing provides a perfect backdrop for the song’s sugar-coated melodies and good-time nostalgic lyrics. The track is reminiscent to the sunny folk-pop but it’s anything other than a simple pop song about fun or rock and roll but instead revels in the superficiality of it all; "cheap romance", the humor of 'love', and the idea of two complete strangers, both pretending to be people they're not, living up what amounts to be empty 'rock and roll' weekend facades. I definitely find there is a level of depth to this catchy tune and it all comes together to prove an irresistible piece of indie pop. I can only expect great things from this guy. I mean, really? Where shall I start? From the hand-claps to the catchy vocals that make me forget I don’t know how to dance. It’s fresh, youthful, and so in the “now.” The track never loses your interest, with its delightful, forward-looking rhythm, a ridiculously catchy chorus and a stomping finish. This artist is undoubtedly an act to follow this year. Although there is no word on any recent albums of his, I feel it is only wise for artists with such an addictive sound to release their work a-song-at-a-time. I mean, really, it’s just better that way.