August 02, 2011

Living with the Frenchman has been a wonderful experience so far. And just like I dreaded, it has changed our relationship radically. But I’ve recognized that that isn’t a horrible thing. It’s interesting how we have progressed from the enjoyable stage of being completely enamored and mushy all over each other to the random damning moments of frustration. What’s even nicer is the fact that we can snap at each other and not feel like the whole world is being lost.

Being around each other day-to-day has just given us the chance to see each other in uncomplimentary lights – and continue to love each other. In fact, from time to time I think the unappealing fragments are what help us to love each other plenty more. It allows us to be honest on a much deeper level, shedding away our need to always look flawless and unspoiled to the other and just be 100% of ourselves. The person that feels particularly lazy on a weekend or when she has a feminist moment or does something thoroughly unladylike and absolutely humiliating? She is the same creature that wakes up next to the Frenchman every day. And he knows it (and still loves me!).

Now in spells when our affectionate attitudes are swapped with slicing sentences that are uttered out of anger or sadness, it hurts less than it would have earlier. So he snapped at me over something I said, or I teasingly made sure he’ll never repeat certain behaviours. The comfort we have come into with this new chapter of our bond has permitted there to be flawed chunks while still retaining essential tendencies of love and admiration. Our link isn’t weak. And we can walk away from those horrid moments and move on with the rest of our day.....of course there is always music to be had.

“Hold you in my arms” is this stunning, gorgeous effort by Ray LaMontagne. And for whatever reason it’s been months and I still find myself coming back to this captivating track. It has been my favorite song to sing along to (alone, at work, at home, in the bathroom). It captures the essence of the vocalist. There is something throughout this song that speaks a familiar language with enough nuance and substance to keep you listening as it unfolds.

June 22, 2011

Hiya, Internets. I don't know if you've noticed but lately I've felt a smidgen well, distracted. Maybe that's the best way to explain it. And having a lot of fun too. And when I get distracted I start doubting myself and that never ends well. I feel kinda like I'm whirling uncontrollably at life. And the thoughts that run through my head? Usually sound something like oh shit everyone hates me and I'm a horrible wife and what kind of person am I because I'm sure even the Internet hates me because I've totally abandoned my site and I have, finally, jumped the shark and none of those thoughts are ever enjoyable.

The other day I went back to some of my older entries. I pulled up the comments and noticed that some of people reading me a year ago are still dropping by. And, in addition to all those wonderful people, there are new people poking their heads in everyday! So, while all of this is running through that dodgy place I like to call my brain, thank you for reading anyway. I bow to you, fine people. Really, I do. You guys rock. How else could I explain the fact that you stop by and read even when it’s just crap likes this? I’m going to try getting back to writing as often as I used to and if I skip a couple of days, it’s probably because I’m honing my ninja skills.

Bjork : Army of Me

May 18, 2011

Life has been moving pretty fast lately. Outrageously fast. I have now been married almost two months. And as evidence that married life directly affects the amount of free time a person has I submit this blog post. It has been very busy for me. A lot of things happened at nearly the same time, an odd collision of random events some of which were good, some not.

First, I love being married. I aced it. I made it my bitch.

Second, the Frenchman ended up in the hospital. At the end of the his 35th b’day party, we stayed awake to clean the apartment. My husband insisted on cleaning an area of the floor that contained our glass centre table and while moving said table, it shattered into a million pieces slicing the thimbles of the Frenchman’s hands. We headed right to the emergency room and a few hours later, he was admitted.

Surgery went well. My parents and I tried our best to hold it together but we were so worried. I’m still worried about the healing process since the surgery but in between The Frenchman can't help but be his charming self. So I suspect that everything is as it should be. My Frenchman who is - though I know I am somewhat biased - the most gorgeous creature upon whom I have ever laid eyes. He amazes me. And I’m hoping that we don't see the inside of the hospital anytime soon.

And anyways, as I was sitting at work today the sometimes awkward tunes of Grooveshark’s random playlist kept me focused and working hard. To be sincere, it was one song in specific that really kept my attention today. Due to an awesome person who I live with, I have had the pleasure of being introduced to a few great French artists. Zazie may sing in a language I still understand very little of but her music is quite universal. If I was forced to offer up a convincing little review this is all I have to say. Take your favorite parts of the female vocalist canon {leaving out all the annoying bits}, put them with french vocals, and play that fantasy out for a full hour.

Trust me when I say that if you like the track below you’ll simply love the rest of her music. It really is that good; the French seem know what they’re doing. And special thanks to the Frenchman who introduced me to her music. You should thank him too.

Hoping to get this blog up and running again here in a few weeks.

Zazie: J'envoie Valser

March 28, 2011

The weekend was too short. I realize that's pretty much the most apparent declaration ever made especially since most of you out there are thinking the exact same thing. But I'd be thoughtless if I didn't mention my disappointment with the world coming from the fact that it is, indeed, a Monday. I'm further disappointed by the fact that my beloved Frenchman had to leave for Paris 20 days after getting married, to attain a work visa that would allow him to work in India. Not for one day, not for two days, not for a week, not even for two weeks, but… FOR ONE WHOLE MONTH!!! We were devastated. And even though he has to do this for the both of us, so we can be together, I miss him terribly and want him back. Now.

Even though this time apart is good for some me-time. It’s not relaxing. That's not to say it isn’t fun. It is. But I’m in love and hopelessly screwed. However, I’m surviving - though I'm sure there will be flashbacks and some lingering post-traumatic stress - until my Frenchman arrives home. Heck, in the days of being married, we have been together almost 24 hours, 7 days a week. We eat all our meals together, we go to the same functions and parties… oh yes, and we even sleep together. The only times we’re not together is when I’m in the office or when we’re at home and he’s watching TV in the living room and I’m journaling in my work area. And since the Frenchman is the cook in our little family, I’m surviving on take-outs and Maggi.

So him returning home would be nice. I'm just sayin'.

For the past 3 years (wow) I've recapped events, weeks and brought you music I've listened to, things I've read, discovered and seen and other random things. Today, however, I've got to shift gears.

The Frenchman. For those of you who aren't in the loop, my husband is the strongest, kindest and smartest man on the planet. He's a fantastic cook, a wonderful husband and an all-around incredible person all while being smoking hot.

Mr. Perot. I love you.

Just who is the Two Door Cinema Club? To be honest I’m not entirely sure. I know their music was randomly dropped into Grooveshark playlist last week. But other than that I don’t know much. I know in pictures the lead vocalist looks like a very sweet ginger headed boy, but in video it feels like he’s trying to come across as Indie Rock.

I also know that their music is worth a listen and will probably interest most of the people who read this blog. Including you. So, here’s ‘Two Door Cinema Club’ with “What You Know”. Enjoy the music.

March 15, 2011

Good news, everyone

Since the last time I updated, I got married. Twice! I liked it so much. I might just do it again.

We had an outdoor wedding. The place had been decorated by a friend’s mom and was very pretty, all lace and flowers and nice lighting, and it was fun to see all my friends and family waiting for me to walk down the aisle. So our real wedding, the day we’ll count as our anniversary, was Saturday the 5th of Feb. But our wedding day – March 5th - this date was chosen mostly due to the fact that we wanted to get married on the first weekend of March and also, because we wanted to live with each other as soon as possible and start our married lives. I think I was remarkably chill about letting my dad dictate my order of events for the wedding, because it didn’t seem like that big a deal.

Pic credit: Cynthia Sapna

Pic credit: Cynthia Sapna

Pic credit: Cynthia Sapna

Pic credit: Cynthia Sapna

The Frenchman’s background infused with mine brought for quite a fun event, with my best friend’s boyfriend, Tony playing Tommy Emmanuel’s ‘Angelina’ as I walked down the aisle, guests were seated at dinner tables and we had dancing….the wedding décor was gorgeous, flanked with the wedding theme – off white and chocolate brown!! Amazing and fun!

Pic Credit: Peter Christopher

Pic Credit: Remy Denis
The walk down the aisle was probably one of my favorite parts of the day and my life in general and the most nerve wrecking. Dad held me close down the aisle and when I looked up, there he was, my most lovable person in the world, staring back at me, he in his stunning black suit and tapered shoes. It was like one of those old movies set by a countryside. I have never loved B’lore more.

The ceremony was perfect. A good way to cry is to stand in the presence of everyone you hold close and have the person you love most in the world promise nice things to you.

Then we kissed, everyone cheered and asked us to kiss again. And then after standing for a few pictures we walked to a friend’s car, had a couple of drinks and say to each other OH MY GOD WE DID IT.

Pic Credit: Remy Denis

The only thing lacking was the fact that a few people we love who were out of the country could not make it on such short notice.

So now I’m in my new home finally getting down to blogging while my husband plays the piano. I wanted to write all of this down and share it with the internet, because the internet is really, really great when you have happy news. Thank you, internet! I hope you all have a great week.

This song was played while I walked down the aisle. Granted, this song isn’t typical wedding fodder, but it’s an amazing track. It also fit the mood of music that is both interesting and captivating while also being of a similar aural aesthetic.

Enjoy the music. I know I did. One of the greatest comments I received at my wedding was a repeated phrase, “That song you walked down the aisle to, was really good.” It gave an already amazing day an even more special shine.

February 28, 2011

Frenchman & I: Mom, Dad: We would like to get married.

Mom: *Sniff* *sniff* Lovely, lovely!

Frenchman & I: Mom, dad, we would like have a simple wedding.

Mom: Yes, your wedding will be small and simple. We will only invite immediate family and close friends. There’s your two sisters and brother-in-law and  your fifty cousins, your dozens of uncles and aunties, all your classmates from college, your colleagues, all your other friends, our neighbors…

Me: What? What happened to small and simple?

I’ve always wanted a simple wedding. In fact, if I had my way, my wedding reception would be on a beautiful shore with my closest friends, my twin and her boyfriend, my older sister, her husband and their kid, the Frenchman’s friends, his parents and mine. But I didn’t want my Mom to hate me.

And hence the last days of my sanity ended and our crazy wedding planning began. We had to be creative in making our wedding meaningful and elegant.

We chose a place that my father had no problem booking with a good discount. It’s a small ground. And we decided to have an outdoor wedding with a minister present to solemnize the occasion.

Getting my wedding dress made at the same place my best friend, Runa, got hers done.

The bridesmaids went ahead and got their dresses stitched in the colour I chose.

I got my wedding cards custom-made according to the wedding theme. The Frenchman designed the content. And my dad and bro-in-law got them printed out.

My sisters got all the souvenirs (thank you cards) made.

My folks and the Frenchman took care of the wedding rings.

Sound systems are going to be provided by a good friend from my local church.

Three of my friends are going to sing at the wedding for free.

We’re going to have three friends who will photograph the entire event and so they were free too.

A friend’s mom from church will arrange the flowers and the décor needed for the wedding.

We’re going to hire a nice white car and decorate it according to the theme of the wedding.

So for a whole month, we deliberated, booked, designed, invited, mailed, budgeted, paid, you know the lot. We also had to do the socials that came with every wedding like the bachelorette where I received kinky products and lingerie from my well-meaning friends, apparently to teach me…umm… how to be kinky?

If all that wasn’t stressful enough, we also have to prepare and process all our documents: marriage certificates, visas, clearances (that was the bloodiest), etc.

On top of everything, I continued working in the office… until today. Eeeeesh!!

4 days before the wedding and I’m packing up my stuff to move out after March 5th (while Mom sniffles at the corner). Here, the Frenchman and I begin our journey of a lifetime for our life together.

So here’s to me and my Frenchman! (Clink!)

To the people who read this page, don’t think that I’ve disappeared… I’m still here… lurking on your blogs… laughing out loud, nodding, shaking my head, tut-tutting, being proud of all of you and egging you guys on.

And now, I’ve got a handful of days for the big ceremony that’s approaching. Will be back to blogging a little after the weddings (I hope…) for next time… the Miss Married Chronicles.

The past month was filled with unforgettable music. As I was pouring over all of the great songs I began agonizing (often vocally to my husband) about how I was possibly going to choose which songs I like that would make the wedding list. So below I present to you the one such fruit of this labor.

This track titled 'Coming Home' by Diddy sits at number one on my list because every time I hear it, it contributes something new, yet cohesive, to the listening experience. The following track is an Arion Dubstep remix and it’s one of my new favourites.

To my husband.

February 15, 2011

Dear Perfectly Lonely Life,

I won’t argue, there are times I think I will miss you. We had a good run together these last 27 years. The embarrassing dates, the chase, the all-girls weekends and the comedy as well as the tragedy of it all. Oh, how I loved the drama. I dated the excitement, hankered after it, and persuaded myself I had feelings for it too. Perfectly Lonely Life, you helped me gain an education, start a career, get out of my comfort zone and travel. I am not sure I would have done any of those things without years of practice on my own. Without you I would never have been brave enough to do things on my own, crossing over - ‘attraversiamo’ and wanting my appetite for life back, which all led to finding my husband.

Mostly I am grateful, for the years that shaped me. For the experiences I have had that brought me to where I am now. This place where I start a brand new quest. The biggest quest of my life: Marriage.

It will be tough. I know it will be. It will be difficult. But I am all set for it, because Perfect Lonely Life NOW it is Me and The Frenchman vs. the WORLD! We are geared up for whatever you have for us. This new life, this married life will also be astounding, amusing, thrilling, blissful, tender and worth it.

So I will miss you, for a while and then I will snort at all the experiences because Perfect Lonely life I am ready to move on.

Couple life, why hello! I am excited to see the relationship we will have, how we settle in and transform and mature.

So for now, here are a few pictures of our court wedding

♥ Perfectly Lonely No More
AKA Mrs. Perot

Well this is what it feels like to post on EC. It’s been so long I was concerned I would lose my usual panache. Worry not. I have been busy. Busy with planning a wedding ceremony which is exactly 17 days from now. Fortunately, I find myself with a free evening. And as we transition into summer I only thought it appropriate to post this track as I sip on an iced drink.

Louis Armstrong - La Vien Rose

February 03, 2011

Guess what

The Frenchman asked me to marry him, and I said yes!

And the reason I haven’t told you guys sooner was because that I couldn’t go five minutes without my phone ringing. I had no idea how many friends and family I had until my new relationship status was announced.

For the record, this weekend was not the first time The Frenchman has suggested we get married. The first time was approximately 48 hours after we’d met. Even then, my first reaction was, “I would absolutely marry this guy,” which was a stretch even for me. I could never even think of marriage with any of my previous boyfriends without having an anxiety attack.

So! On Saturday night, he asked me out for dinner before spending the entire weekend together and was super casual about it, like he hadn’t already planned on this. I suspected he was going to propose but not so soon. It had been a really rough couple of weeks, what with the meeting of the family, the questions and such.

So we sit at our table and eat our delicious meal, drink our wine and have a lazy chat, and then he stretches his hand across the table to hold mine. Of course, I was wearing one of my favourite pieces of jewelry - A massive black ring. He proceeds to take off my ring, saying that it’s much too uncomfortable to hold my hand with it on. And after a little argument I say okay and wear it on my other hand. What I do not realize is that while I was occupied with wearing my ring on the other hand, The Frenchman produces a box slyly on the table.
I sit up and look down at the box and say, “Wait, what?” and then he smiles and says, “Will you marry me?” and I shout OH MY GOD! CRAP!? But then I said yes.

We’ve had a million conversations about getting married in the past, basically since the day we met, so I knew this was coming at some point, but it was a completely wonderful moment and just what I’d always wanted. A surprise, and private, and simple, and an almost sort of natural feeling. And it was all of that, it was absolutely faultless.

So yes! I am totally going to marry this guy, a month from now. Thank you in advance for being so glad and encouraging, blog readers. I always knew you guys were all right.

While I’m already talking your ear off and being as sappy as possible, here’s some music to wrap this post up. At some point over the last three months I stopped looking for new music. But fret not I won’t be that way for too long now. I know that I’m risking losing you forever and seriously, you guys deserve some love. So here’s Train with ‘Marry Me’... Yes, cheesy, I know. But it’s so good, so instantly timeless, that my subconscious filed it away with songs I’ve loved over the last 15 years of my life. Now bear with me because this is my blog, so I’m allowed to indulge occasionally.

I love this song, I hope you will too.

January 23, 2011

I woke up on Thursday morning feeling weird. Not about life or vegetable prices hitting the roof but weird health-wise. Like hey, jump back, body, you're about to run out of steam on me, aren't you? By evening, at my dinner with the Frenchman, it was less weird and more excruciating pain. At 10:30 pm I hit some sort of wall. I hurried back home with the thought that I'd be much better the next morning. I had to be. I felt dreadful. Very important Friday meeting, don't you know.

I spent the entire night rolling around in bed - freezing to the bone with a throbbing pain - in a fever-induced sleep into which I managed to slink in some incoherent fever-dreams.
I woke up every hour feeling worse than I had before; it became copiously apparent that my superhuman effort at getting to work would not be happening. I rolled out of bed, worn out, at 7:30 am. Dressed up and headed to work.

I sat at work for barely an hour or two, when my body decided to finally break down and I went home. It seemed like a terrible stomach bug. I've been popping pills and I feel better. Except for some bizarre reason, I have difficulty swallowing. I'm kinda hoping that goes away soon.

But once the Frenchman heard about it he proceeded to make his way to my house to see me. And finally meet the parents. It was adorable. All I needed was the man I love, my mum’s awesome remedies and it was a perfect Friday except for the nagging stomache-ache. I fought the good fight the remainder of the day...and night. With any luck, I'll be planting my ass (and the rest of me) in bed soon but before that I want to introduce you guys to this delicious song I came across - ‘Hola’, and it served to pique my interest in the band - The Sunday Drivers. Now that was on Monday. Then they settled on my playlist and jet-setted my world all week long. Pay special attention to the song. It's glorious.

The Sunday Drivers - Hola

January 11, 2011


I’ve been sort of busy.

I spent the weekend, being witness to the wedding of my best friend Runa and her boyfriend, Tonez of 7 years - two of the very best people I know. I’m not quite sure what led them to believe I should be trusted to get up in front of a bunch of people and bear witness to their church wedding. Me – a person who had a permanent damage in confidence or sanity. To be fair, the last time someone said “I love you” to me, my response was to bury my head in my pillow and then say, “Uh… thank you?” Smooth. Anyway, I didn’t just see the love during the wedding; I was also overwhelmed by it and said the word “awesome” at least twice. There was not a dry eye in the house. The couple was so perfect; it was a really beautiful and really fun wedding: close friends and family, homemade wedding cake and wine. I got to be with the Frenchman I love on this day. So it was all in all, an A++ experience and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.

Here are some pictures from the weekend. Highlights include a beautiful bride, a crazy fun groom, dancing to retro music, and pure, unadulterated happiness.

Hurray for Runa and Tonez!

Yeah, that's me with the camera. Pic. taken by Peter Christopher

I trust you’re doing well.

Natalie Cole with ‘This will be’