January 20, 2009

Bored Deafness Issues

I arrived safely at my office at 8:30 am, for what was another lengthy and dreary day. Brace yourselves for a boring post, as it really is the best way to pass my time. No reason the rest of you shouldn't be bored right along with me; you're obviously clicking away, too.

So it’s a proven fact that as the noise levels in our city increase it has an adverse affect on the hearing levels of the masses. This means that as time goes by we’ll all be suffering from hearing disabilities.
I must say, I feel slightly comforted after reading about it. I was starting to wonder if I was just paranoid when I couldn't hear when people talk to me. It's especially bad for me in pubs and clubs where background noise drowns out the conversation I'm having with someone literally next to my face. I thought I just had some type of ADD or constantly clogged ears or maybe the kind of hearing my father has, one that he has become quite skilled at over the years (which, I'm covetous of). 
After this sudden awareness of the public detoriation of a vital sense I'm quite pleased to learn that I don’t just have a problem with attention and it’s this fanatic town that is so deafening and aurally injurious.

I now choose to deliberately pay no attention to the fact that my earphones are attached to my head for seven hours every day and turned on at shattering levels. If I had to accept the fact that I'm losing my hearing because of music played as loud as it can be then I'd have to find a deep and dark hole to crawl into and breathe my last breath.

Order of business today:

First, if you’ve seen this blog and are reading it right now… yeah YOU… let me highly recommend this artist to you (I realize I’ve written about him before but repetition incites interest). I do not just endorse his music because he’s a good friend of mine… I really enjoy this man’s music.

And can this boy sing!

Perhaps y’all can just stop by his website when you’re done here, and you can all weigh his music for me.

Here are links that can take you to his site-

His facebook fan page

You see that picture on the sidebar called ‘EC’s Project’… 
The great thing about it is that a) encourages local artists 
b) makes the artist create something more amazing 
c) and it feeds my ego.

And now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to eat some dinner with my dad and gear myself up for an edgy episode of Law & Order SVU. 

Signing off this post with Jamie Wyatt. Enjoy.