June 24, 2008

War in the Brain

No matter how much people at work get to me nothing can dampen my excitement right now. I happened to find myself on Ido Zmishlany’s (of Lion of Ido) page and...

......... drum roll please............

I was ecstatic to find the name of my blog on his site. It’s an amazing feeling when a band you love recognizes you. This is what was written:


June 10, 2008, 1:21 pm

“We are getting some blog love so I thought I’d share. The whole idea of doing a cover like “No Air” was to reach out to new people with a song that they already know. We tried to make it our own… and I think we did. I love the way it came out. All you haters can kiss my ass … Check out what some of the blogs have been saying:




evuhleen corner

If you read anymore blogs… send them my way. Thank you sooo much to the people who took the time to write about our little band.

- Ido”

Sigh! I think I’m in love with Ido!

I’ve been listening to P.J Harvey’s ‘This is love’. The song is a combination of spunk and great singing style that attacks your senses. Even if her name doesn't get your attention, the turbo-charged sound will prick your ears.

We’re having a week long foosball competition at work. Very exciting to see people buckle under pressure. My friends insisted that I spend time there and cheer for the teams. So I exhaled pretty noisily and followed the crowd into the gaming room. I tried very hard to focus on the game but my mind was filled with Ido, my situation at home and Imcha, a friend I miss so very much.

Life isn't too terrific today, but my dear friend Runa made it significantly better by telling me about another play on Thursday by the same director of ‘Hair’ – Ajay Krishnan. This one is called ‘Butter and Mashed Bananas’.

It’s really cold in the office. The guys handling the air conditioning must be getting kicks watching us freeze our asses off. It’s becoming really hard to type with the icy air finding its way into my bloodstream. Here goes a call to the reception and I’m hoping they'd do something about it.

Here's a track by one of my favourite bands- Lifehouse 'You & Me':