September 28, 2010


I want to thank you for all the nice birthday wishes. I had a really great day. Thanks to having slowed my roll to a near-standstill, I managed to have a lovely dinner on Friday with some of my closest and coolest friends from work and woke up the next morning hangover-free, so I’d have to say that I’d really recommend 27 so far.

Runa decorated me up and I had my favorite dinner (smoked pork at the Naga Kitchen, in case you're curious).

It rained! It has rained on two out of my last two birthdays. I'm originally from the south and the rain hasn't lost its novelty. Although it took us awhile to get to the restaurant and back but because it rained, I got to have more cups of that enjoyable hot black tea.

Behold the new Oxelo Scooter. Thanks to this guy.

Saturday. My best friend came down to our fair city. It’s been three long years since I last saw him. It was hilarious and moderately frustrating to smile at the fun we were having together and the fact that we had missed so much of each other’s lives which erased said smile. Fun was had by all, especially by me who got to terrorize everyone without having to worry about the consequences.

Sunday. Throngs of people dressed in beach wear populated Palace Grounds. Yeah. We went to the Flea Market called ‘The Sunday Soul Sante Bazaar’. It was a perfect day for it - sunny, warm, slight drizzle and insanely gorgeous. Pity a lot of B’lore decided to visit the Bazaar at the same time. I mean, seriously people, there are other places to see bazaars, like your television. Aside from the invasion of an asshat who felt the models at the fashion show rehearsal were strutting all wrong, the market was fun. After that we went to Ice & Spice and had these –

Then we went home. And I collapsed.

I know lots of people who have a tradition on their birthdays. You know - people who take the day off, people who go clubbing, people who go out for a fancy dinner. I don't really have a tradition. Do you?

On this Tuesday evening I bring to you the AWESOME Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews, a trombone and trumpet player from New Orleans, with ‘Hurricane Season’.

I love this track as it just never seems to quit. The music is spit fire and it drives along in a jangly bouncy mess of fun from start to finish. I seem to gravitate towards music that sounds as if they’re having a ton of fun making it, and this is just such a track.
It serves as a great kickoff to the winter. This is what Jazz-Funk has always been for me, and in this track you’ll find more of the same. The bottom line is that it’s a great tune from this musical kid genius.