December 03, 2009

November, In Verse

November has come and has gone
It's unfortunate that I’m still at work.
My weekend was well spent but I'm spent like the weekend
Tea in my blood has yet to perk.

I spent the weekend with friends and music
and ate way too much as I usually do.
I watched a show, blogged, napped, watched TV
Now it's dark, boring, feel like poo.

On Sunday me and my girls head out
to a cafe for a nice fancy tea.
Then I got home, watched re-runs of Avatar- Air bender
And realized that a few of the episodes weren’t seen.

Monday began with work
Lame food and a half-assed job of click.
It ended with a hungry belly
just slightly south of sick.

Tuesday I had an idea
to buy my new Christmas shoes
Unfortunately for me, the salary wasn’t credited
And I couldn’t even afford a sad party of booze

Wednesday was sorta relaxing
I didn’t step out of my cube, quite sad
I did my work, watched a couple of videos and ate lame lunch.
Got home, got into bed, and sleep was had.

Now November is over.
And Christmas will be here so soon.
Just flip on the radio and you'll know it
soon as you hear the singers croon.

My mind is looking forward to the holidays.
To get my head into work I'll need luck.
My brain would rather be planning what I’ll be wearing for Christmas.
About anything else I could not give a fuck.

Hope you enjoyed the verse. Not very creative, I know. Bear with me, it’s Christmas! :)
I'm going with a combination of soul and pop this Thursday. Jamie Lidell. There's absolutely no reason to think you've heard of him. But he does have a pretty impressive number, namely ‘Another Day’. It's energetic, electrifying, straightforward pop with a bit of that funk feeling. It's solid, memorable, unusual, and there’s just enough inside grown-up oriented happy-fun-beats to keep me interested. Just want something happy and fun to listen to? Hit play. You won't regret it. It makes me so happy every time I hear it. Thanks Pete.