September 29, 2009

Birthday Chow Down

I'm not dead. At least, I don't think so. But I'm worn out, elated and deliriously pleased from a week of all around enjoyment.
I had the most excellent time at my birthday dinner on Thursday. 10 of the best friends in the world, amazing food, ass-kicking alcohol, music and laughing...I couldn't have asked for a better celebration. I’m lucky enough to be continually encircled by friends who care for me and who are absolutely witty, except for when I want to be myself and do my serial season marathon in bed, I constantly change my look, and I kick ass at Foosball. If I ever grumble, I want you to stare angrily and wordlessly point at me until I behave myself.

I woke up with only the smallest amount of an annoyance on Friday and was proud of myself for not having a hangover. It took turning twenty six for me to finally become a responsible partier and not overindulge. Go Eve!

On Saturday night, I saw a play titled ‘Proof’ by David Auburn (based on the Anthony Hopkins-Gwyneth Paltrow movie), starring my best friend, Runa. The piece was flawless. I think the piece rises above the even the smallest of flaws to become highly gratifying theater. I may or may not post a review about this later, but by far my favorite actors were the older gentleman who played Anthony Hopkins’ role and my best friend Runa who played Gwyneth Paltrow’s. It was the first time I had seen her onstage and I was completely blown away by her performance. It was exquisite.

Thank you all for your birthday messages! You're the bestest readers ever!

And lest we forget, thank you to my parents for getting busy one evening in 1982 and having the bestest gametes ever!

And that's the lowdown on why I'm so run down. But for a change, I'm run down in a nice way. And very soon I'll be even more nicely run down. On Saturday night, I will fly across the pond and spend 2 weeks in the north-east with some of my best (or worst) partners in crime. Stay tuned.

For those of you who just found my blog take a minute to peruse other posts here at Evuhleen’s Corner. I hope you enjoyed yourself this so far, the rest of 2009 is sure to bring something amazing to everyone.
And, yes, this still is a music blog so let’s get down to the tune for today. Legendary band Mr. Big is going to take the stage at Palace Grounds on October 10 in B’lore which means I won’t be able to see them here which also means that I get to catch them at Shillong and Dimapur on 12th and 14th. You didn’t think I was actually gonna miss their show, did ya? You cannot deny the awesomeness of an Eric Martin song. I could spend an hour describing the overpowering, thrilling experience of listening to or watching a Mr. Big show live, but nothing compares to actually witnessing it and that is exactly what I’m going to do. If you ever get the chance, see the band live, I can guarantee that you’ll never forget it.

'Lucky this time', my lovely readers.