October 24, 2008

My only contact with the fashion world:

Imcha & A Model at the Lakme Fashion Show. Day 4

This is what an article in India Today had to say: ‘The day started with ten entrants called the GenNext by Lakme showing their collection where Anand Bhushan and Imchatsung Imchen stood out.’
I can’t wait to get my hands on one of my beloved friend’s creations and strut around showing off my new fabulous fashion sense.

saw it? want it? get it!

Contact the designer here!

You know how you’re always paranoid about people thinking that there's something wrong with your head or face? You think everyone is laughing about how hideous you look, but actually, they don't care about you or your blemish? Well, that’s what a couple of researchers say. These guys have determined that both women and men consistently rate themselves less attractive than others rate them. In particular, women saw themselves as heavier than men did, and men saw themselves as less muscular than women saw them. This is scientific proof that not only does the world not revolve around you, but all the members of the opposite sex are trying to kiss your ass. Once again, science shatters your worldview but improves your quality of life.

I should be put in charge of studies. Then we'd find out really useful things. For example, I could figure out if we could confine radiation from mobiles and turn it in to superpowers. I could also find out how long someone could live on just booze and vitamins. Unfortunately, I don't have the time or the funds to find this out, because all funding has been halted as our corporation has decided that they want to do away with 10% of the employee population. So till they decide who they’re going to fire and hopefully once it’s safe I’ll think about enrolling myself and my friends in little fun...ahem… serious experiments. And I am sure I’ll only have to wait a little while until I’ll be supported by other studies. Any ideas for interesting experiments? I would like to invite you to mail them to me, in 300 words or less.

Let’s be real: if there’s one thing we look forward to on EC it’s the music. To kick off the fireworks here, Jason Mraz:

He is so awesome - I adore his music and the humor in the video 'The Remedy' - especially the idea of plushy rabbit shoes. He’s the wizard of oohh's and ahh's and fa-la-la's, yeah the Mr. A to Z, he's all about the word play...As I listen to his music I’m struggling to find a piece of land to put my feet on.

‘And it's time to get ill I got your remedy
For those who don't remember me
Well let me introduce you to my style
I try to keep a jumble
And the lyrics never mumble’

If you dig his songs make sure you check out two other tracks I love- ‘Wordplay’ and ‘Make it mine’. Simply brilliant.

Congrats Imcha. Muah!!