June 17, 2008

That Which Is Fundamental

My dear old friend – sheenz - called up last night and we were just talking about my situation with Mister N. I’ve decided to not talk to him ever- which is really a coward’s way out, but hell, anything to lose him. I’m going to meet up with sheenz, kau, divz and hopefully fudgy tonight, some of the people I used to hang out with during my college days. It’s really nice to know that as the years pass and our stress levels rocket, some people are still are as crazy as ever. Even though I do not meet up very often with this group of friends, I always have so much fun whenever I am with them. Time stands still during such meetings and we are all transported back to our college days where our biggest worries revolved around assignments and exams, not just people in the rat race!

Busy as I am, I’m very happy to make time to go to the same cafĂ© with the delicious tea! Once in a while, I have a life too. I can’t wait for the evening. Indulgence and gossip over dessert. Maybe I should be doing this more often!

I got a call at 2 in the morning from Pratz. She sounded like she wanted to talk. Whenever she calls we plunge full gear into a miss you-love you session! But this was so early in the morning, so it was more like an exchange of grunts, at least from my side. Really miss you, Pratz. Sigh! Remember our crazy times in college? It all seems just like yesterday; I can't believe how fast these four years have flown past!

These past few months I sleep a lot less and spend a lot less time at home. Many days, I come home to sleep and am off to work the next morning. As an example, I have not spent more than a couple of hours with my LemLem! My gym clothes are taking a break in my cupboard, just as my fat is multiplying!

We all feel differently about certain issues and my opinions are worth something to me, so please be kind.

When I went shopping on Saturday, I dragged my cousin along through all my favorite shops. So in and out of shops we went, but the only stuff I ended up buying was for myself! Its official, I am a shopaholic!

I’m listening to Sara Taveres’ ‘One Love’ and it’s really hard to stop your head from swirling with her voice hitting the right chords- very sensual and very fun. This is what music is missing most, today. Feeling. Everything is just so… formula like nowadays. It takes talent to break through the barrier of what you want people to feel when you play or sing. There is a filter that only the talented can make it through.We need more of them, and less of the formula.