December 03, 2008

‘I woke up today at around 6:30 in the morning, opened the curtains and looked at the sunrise on the mile-wide expansive land, now beside me. It was strange wandering through the area with just a hint of the dawn peeking over the horizon. It was as if all the energy of the land was just about to begin. There was no traffic thumping through the grounds, just quiet stirring. For some reason I was awake and restlessly treading the grass beneath my still sleepy feet. But it was beautiful and just that scene has been sitting on the edge of my consciousness lately. There are the servants and the masters, creative writers and the real media, pop bands and passionate rockers, Mr. Big followers and Jordan Sparks screamers, addicts and those who watch the world pass by, freezing indoors and warm outdoors, soft woven melodies and freak out heavy metal. Yet here we all are, set to enjoy another day of music and sunshine and in this moment it is apparent that Dimapur wouldn’t be the same without all of these images crammed together on one site.
Lunch for day two was red tea, pork, a hot tomato and prawn chutney with rice that was laid out in the dining room. I am rested and happy; what would have otherwise been a day of staring at the computer has resulted into a dream. My bro-in-law’s sister, his mother and I watched ‘Kung-Fu Panda’. No shopping could be done as everything is closed on a Sunday (Nagaland, being a primarily Christian state observe Sunday as a day of rest). So we stayed at home and occupied ourselves with cake tasting, niece annoying, bird watching and stories while the boys played TT and munched on tobacco.’
Nov 11, 08

A few days ago I finally snagged a copy of Gotthard’s album and amongst other things their music has made me realize that my blog is capable of time travel. So to all of you who love hard rock and haven’t heard of this band until now, you are welcome.
Gotthard put their best foot forward in 2005 with the album 'Lipservice'. And by best foot forward I mean they clearly proved to be a legendary act in creating a trademark sound. They sound like a mix of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Bon Jovi and Van Halen. Their music is cohesive and entirely coherent and there doesn’t seem to be a single misplaced melody or harmony throughout the tracks and that, dear reader, should be music to your ears.

All right, enough of my hollow words. No matter how clever I aim to be you’re just here for the music. So we’re back to retro. Each month I scour the web for what I think are the best tracks out there. Here they are presented in an easy to read and easy to listen to format. Peace out home skillets. That’s all I have for you this time around. Click on the player to listen to the track titled ‘Lift you up’. Tell your friends, check back often, and keep searching for great music. This concludes today’s post, thanks for reading.