August 09, 2008

I’ve written about it many times and have had conversations with people in which I’ve complained about famous bands being ‘boring’ and that they take up a lot of airtime when it should be only right for better bands to be heard and showcased. And the moment I’m done with one of these outbursts I always feel obligated to listen to a well-known song by one of these recognized bands. Yeah…Guilty as charged.

While there are certain items that you should have if you want to be taken seriously as an adult. There are also items that you shouldn’t have. So it’s time for an episode of- products that make you not-quite-a-grownup-as yet:
- Snuggly quilts or bedspreads featuring Disney characters on it.
- Unframed posters stuck on the wall with double-sided tape or that sticky weird stuff.
- No bookcase for your many books.
- That old chair that every college kid gets when they’re excited about studying.
- Little stuff toys sitting out in plain sight.
Any others that I’m missing?

Pretty melancholic today - It's probably an equal mix of the gloomy weather, the fact that I got up early on a Saturday morning for band practice, the fact that I was supposed to do so much today but ended up watching a movie and reading a book, the fact that my Saturday isn’t working out the way I wanted it to and wishing I was at a cafĂ© or a pub instead of a residential park east of B’lore. Oh well.

Still, I wanted to post something, so I've decided on introducing you to a Scottish indie alternative rock band called The Fratellis. The album ‘Flathead’ hit US shelves on Jan 07 and these dudes were the opening band for The Police Reunion Tour.
The track below is called ‘Flathead’. It’s different enough to grab your attention and hold it. This track should be turned up and listened to -LOUD. It will cheer you up. It’s perfect for the times when you want to be cheered up. Enjoy.