November 06, 2008

Varied Updates

You can never keep a secret from your mother.

Not that this blog was going to be much of a secret anyways, but I decided to only spread it to a few people at first to gather reactions, critiques, choose the sort of tone I would write with and finally tell everyone about it. My older sister, brother-in-law and twin read it when I had began writing here. One of them told my mum, not sure who and now I'm in trouble. In proper official fashion, I am opening the blog up to the whole wide world. Or whoever happens to stumble upon it. Whichever.

I'm starting to feel icky and I'm just about convinced that I'm going to be catching some nasty ass TB or pneumonia or the flu or a cold. My mother kicked into on- the- spot- nurse so that I won't be sick when I have to travel- which gets on her nerves, especially since I don't listen to a thing she says when I'm sick.

(I think it's time for a collective *sneeze* for those of you who feel my pain. Ready? AaahhChhoooo. Ah! Much better?)

One more day until I depart for Dimapur, Nagaland and already word is starting to spread there that I'll be coming into town. This will mean a bit of travel, probably a bit of money out of pocket, and I don't think I'll be posting very often here. Also, it will mean leaving behind my crew (who I'm so used to seeing every day) and a lot of things that can only be found in Bangalore {family for one}. Fortunately, and this is an additional benefit for me, there will be no boyfriend left behind. If you read this blog, feel free to submit a list of reasons why I should devote some of my vacation to you, and I shall put you into consideration. Oh hell, if you put up with reading this blog, you pretty much deserve anything you want from me.

As promised in my previous post, a wish for Sheethal and a track of your choice up here on EC. And this dude gets his track played here today. Thanks for writing in Pete and for providing us all with some awesome music.
Thrice is an Experimental Rock band from California. The first couple of times or so I heard this track titled 'Come all you weary', I didn't know what to think. What I think it proves though is that I'm a sucker for the indie sound when it's used in a song that builds and builds and builds until it is an indefinable sonic shower of joy. And I like it. I probably would have given a kidney to sit in on a live set of this song, but instead I'll just give them a little slice of this blog. Congratulations to both of you (Pete and the band), this is a fine song. If you like the music here, and want to share it, please go ahead and link to this blog post. Thanks.

So, Mom, welcome to Evuhleen's Corner.

And that's today's offering! As always, if anything caught your eye this time around, feel free to let me know about in the comments section below. Cheers.