May 21, 2008

They Might Be Giants!

The bare bones of these notes are a number of short pieces about the tiny aspects of being a music fan that makes it all worthwhile for me. Incidentally, I had planned on posting this last week, but I ended up getting far less done than I’d planned due to training for a new process. I’m glad I get to post this now because it seems more whole.

I love the anticipation of getting tickets for something – especially when you finally get to turn the page on the calendar to where the date’s marked – but there’s something even better about thinking you’re not going home tonight to watch TV, instead your with a bunch of people who relish the same music you do.

I had been waiting for last night for a long time and it had finally happened- outrageous stage show and quality music to match. Well, if you've ever wondered what a combination of excellent performances and great voices might produce, it turns out to be part of last night’s disco and R&B finale of this local singing talent event. Blinding lights, a disco ball, a platform next to the stage that reminded me of John Travolta dancing in ‘Saturday Night Fever’. Plenty of crowd interaction and who knows what else I missed. I had a few favorites but not all of them made it into the final round. While the sound that came out of them was unbelievable!

Judy has the art of the stealth groove - the knack for quietly, almost innocently sliding into a song and utterly lassoing anyone within earshot by mid-song. I heard her, the first time, a couple of years ago at a coffee shop and have been a fan of hers ever since. My second favorite was, Alexis D'souza, a new entry into the b’lore music scene but has a voice that’s altogether something else and has rather quietly become a chilled-out force to be reckoned with.
Hands down, the best performance of the night for me, was by Venkat. For those unfamiliar with what he sounds like, here’s an analogy- erotic white chocolate pleasure!
Don’t know if it helps but that’s exactly what he sounds like. This is a character who knows no boundaries in the department of getting a groove on and can rock you right out with one of his crooning love songs.

This story ends with a call to reality and a message that reads ‘movie at 1pm’….
So…. Long Live Music!!! Play it loud and play it often!!!

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