May 21, 2008

New Heartbreaker!

Most People assume that artists on TV and radio represent most of the talent, but they're really just a tiny minority of all the people out there trying to get their music heard. Fact is that great musicians make great music look easy. And in our media saturated-culture, it's not enough to "simply" make good music. Now I sound like Simon Cowell, with his ‘X-factor’ obsession.
What makes an artist worth listening to is that his music stands out among thousands of other artists, who coincidentally or intentionally may have the exact same sound. Kinda builds an appreciation for whatever music he may come up with in the future.

Matthew Santos

If you haven't heard this artist yet, chances are you will soon enough. Matthew Santos became media worthy when he was featured on a hip-hop song alongside Lupe Fiasco on ‘Superstar’. I’m not a huge fan of hip-hop and the only thing that redeems this song is Matthew Santos’ hard-to-resist voice. I’m glad that I gave this song a listen or I wouldn’t have discovered this incredible artist. The song ‘Superstar’ has done well enough to run Santos with lots of opportunities to tour and for people to discover his unique music. If you do get a chance, check out his other tracks on Youtube. His music is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. Listening to him reveals an artier and mature sound of music—from the ear-grabbing "Hummingbird" – (one of my favourites) to the haunting "Lady Luna," and the rhythmically spiraling “Shadows in a Shoebox." The first time I heard ‘Hummingbird’ I stayed real quiet, concentrating so hard so as to not miss a second of this music that seemed like… like aphrodisiac. If Matthew Santos keeps this up, it only seems inevitable that he'll get the audience and the fame he deserves. After the song dissipates and my feelings dissolve- I’m left with silence. Like an addict I’m obsessed with this new found drug. I ask myself if I want to feel it again and then I sure enough I replay the magic once again.

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