May 21, 2008

Best Part about Music!

For ages I’ve wanted to talk about music- about the little things and not just the bands and albums and songs that make it all so great for me. I’ve wanted to talk about the music that makes me find a happy place - to hide from the real world.
I don’t believe that these are universal experiences nor am I going to think I’m the first person ever to think of these things. This post is just completely self-indulgent.

I’m not a huge fan of low budget studio recordings but the tiny imperfections, the rawness of a voice, the beautiful soft cracks when trying to hit a high note and a little bit of added soul that makes a record feel like it was made by humans.
You know those songs in which you can hear the singer take a breath when he completes a line and is ready to sing another or when the song is over and you can hear the last crude strum of the guitar or when you can hear fingers scratch along the strings during a chord change - I love that!

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