May 21, 2008


I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time (especially when I should be working) reading up on music, listening, downloading, copying it onto my cell phone cause then I’d get to listen to it that same night and tattoo it onto my brain cells. I get to know new music online as opposed to from other sources. Two years ago it would have been mostly the radio and magazines. I’m not too crazy about downloading my music – unless it’s for individual songs but it sure beats the waiting. So… here’s where I mention my new musical obsession- Teddy Geiger! He’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and most people who see him for the first time won’t really take him seriously. But his voice reminds me a tiny bit of John Mayer and for those who know me- you know how much I adore Mister Mayer! This superstar's sugary acoustic pop alter ego hits the more sensitive side, but is equally as infectious. Just as his songs ring out with a beckoning attitude, the music itself is beckoning to be recognized. Geiger’s pop ballads combine the passion and complex instrumentals of a rock lullaby with pop-like pace.
If you actually like the music I listen to and you’re open to finding new music, like me, then give this brilliant artist a listen- and, yeah, I couldn’t help downloading his music…

Songs of his to listen to:

Confidence (For you I will)
Do You Even Care
Air Dry
Million Years
Seven Days Without You- My fav
Our Eyes...

The way I see it my thirst for writing comes from music. The drive to quench this keeps me listening and searching for new stuff out there.
Until my next post and the next heartbreaker I stumble onto- Stay Thirsty!

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