May 21, 2008

Music at the start of 2008

I figure it’s still the beginning of the year and I’d like to write something about the tunes that made it big for me. I can't think of a better song than Sara Bareilles’ “Love Song”. (Ru and Runa, if you're reading this, know that I think of you guys whenever I listen to the song.) Currently, this song is No.2 on the U.S charts and gets plenty of airtime. It's a song I like singing along to with my friends as I sit in the cab on the way to and from work. I love how the lyrics conjure up images of open skies awash with fluffy white clouds and good times with my clique. However, the lyrics aren’t really about the happy times… it’s more to do with the beat.
I have to also talk about one of my recent Mayer favorites- ‘Say’. He performed this for the movie, ‘The Bucket List’…don’t know what the movie is about and don’t really care but I love the song cause when I hear it over the radio or on my laptop, I immediately dream of distant worlds and other lives.
Here’s something I’ve wanted to write about, so here goes…
Songs with the same titles but differ wholly in music and lyrics just like the way people might have the same name, but are totally different from each other…
Incidentally I discovered one singer that appears on my list of songs that have similar titles:
I know of Robbie Williams’ and Sarah Mclachlan’s ‘Angel’and while they sound a whole lot different from each other, Lisa Lavie’s track by the same name belongs to a completely different genre. She’s nominated for the youtube music awards this year and I hope she wins. Her song is completely original and she did a pretty good job of standing out from the millions of wannabes who want to make it big out there. She’s got that ol’ big voice that makes you so happy to know that there are some really good singers out there whose music doesn’t need heavy studio editing.
I got introduced to Lisa Lavie’s music through Airto Edmundo. I’m his biggest fan and he was nominated for the youtube awards last yr.
He’s an independent artist and he hasn’t been heard by many in India. He does a lot of covers but he makes it his own and that’s why I like him. For me, he’s symbolic of raw talent and his range is amazing! I’m tempted to go on about Airto but I’ll try and stop myself. Last year he did a duet with Lisa Lavie on Eliot Yamin’s ‘One Word’ and that’s how I discovered Lisa Lavie.

So, go ahead listen to her track ‘Angel’ and puhleeez vote-

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