May 18, 2010


Awkward moments you'd see if I had my own reality TV show:

1. On a daily basis, I forget I'm wearing headphones that are attached to my computer. I've smacked my forehead into the monitor more times than I can count, because not only is the headphones cord made of something with the strength of steel, it's got the springy-ness of a bungee cord. I think I have permanent whiplash.

2. This morning, after fully dressing myself, having breakfast and selecting something to wear after ten ramp-walks, I discovered that a shirt button was missing. This forced me to do the 'shit-I'm-all-ready-and-now-I-have-to-find-a-new-top' hop of irritation which consisted of jumping up and down and mutely cursing the name of Britney Spears.

If someone asked you, what some of the hindrances to your job performance was and you had to respond in knee-jerk fashion.

You as readers reply with, what you think, is the most suitable and fitting answer. This would be one of the options below:

a. Lack of motivation due to a pitiable income and/or incentive.
b. Monotonous work days without the assistance of additional challenges.
c. A drug habit. What? It's not something you’d expect to be an option but I bet it sure has an impact on performance!

Do I need to tell you which one I went with?

Happy Tuesday! It's got to get better, right? Please?

Everyone has something they do after a rough day, when they're stressed or just worn out. This is mine...right here… right now….

I've given this Youtube star’s latest cover a couple of spins since it was published yesterday. Lisa Lavie may be one of the best online artists of the century so far. And her collaboration with a Youtube junior every year, in this case with J Rice on Alicia Keys’ ‘Unthinkable’ doesn’t do anything to change that. Is it her best? No. But it's good. It's beat-driven and wonderfully done. When I first got into listening Lavie’s brand of music, the first hurdle I encountered was the genre of music I normally didn’t listen to. Over time she's worked on her voice and sings more range-filled songs often than not. That said, ‘Unthinkable’ is a not-to-be-missed song.

Catch the song below and the video here.

3 Pulses Say:

mentalie said...

you are my new heroine, eve. britney spears is THE most britney spears brilliant curse word ever! i bow to you.
ps: d. bored out of my skull.

Anonymous said...

"Britney Spears" Lol...I like the idea..Want to use names of people I actually know now. ;)

I agree about the headphone cord's sturdiness. I have not smacked my head but have hurt myself on the pointy corners of the table..So many times...

And d) Lack of eye candy-Lack of inspiration-Poor performance.

Eveline said...

@mentalie: Hey, are we related? I think you and I have a bit of that same "special" gene! =)
One can never have too many options. So i'll count yours valid. :) Hope your weekend was awesome?

@Choco: Oh the visuals... ouch! Hope it gets better...or just keep sharing I could use a laugh!
HA! I like that you girls chose mystery option D. That kind of answer just begs for applause and affirming nods.