May 22, 2010


I had planned to bring you an unexpectedly dazzling post. It would have dangerously blown your socks (and quite possibly your undies) off. Then, in a strange yet progressively more regular victory of work over life, I had to slay the whole brilliant post. Why the hype? Well, it dawned on me awhile back that, Evuhleen was officially launched in May of 2008 and I started providing hardcore, woman-on-journal blogging action. So, yes, it’s my blogiversary!

In this aforesaid now-slain entry, I summed up the high points from the last three years. But I don't have the time to do all that again. Plus the procedure of going back and reading some of my own stuff was a little awkward. I wrote some dreadfully silly shit, people. It's remarkable you stuck with me as long as many of you have.

Regardless of how long you've been reading my humble little site, I thank you. You've put up with a lot. And I want you to know that, as invigorating and therapeutic as it’s been to put whatever it is I've written out there, the best part is the people I've met along the way.

Three years, in the grand scheme of things, doesn't seem all that long. Yet three years ago, I don't think I'd have been able to visualize life as it is today. I'm one lucky woman. Thanks for sharing the journey with me.

Kudos to Imcha Imchen, best friend and designer for creating the new header you see above. More about it in the upcoming posts.

There are some songs, which build and grow on you. And there are those that reach out and grab you on the first note. They start fast and morph from one movement to the next in a way that is intense, energetic, flowing, and unexpected. This amazing three minute track is one of the latter and I love the smooth vocals that Jamie Cullum features on this song titled, ‘Mind Trick’. No matter which way he’s swinging it’s all excellent.

10 Pulses Say:

ku2 said...

Happy 3rd Anniv!!!!
Beautiful header too! And I'd have loved to have had my socks (undies??) blown off too but this post has done very well too, tankyverrymuch..
Will I be able to maintain my blog for 3 years? I sincerely hope so, hope my inkwell hasnt dried out b for y then..
I'd always thought Jamie Cullum had a rather big head but he seriously looks cute in the pic.. wonder how I'd look photoshopped?
Anyways, looong comment, but I know you wouldn't mind :D
Sooo, happy anniv again, muah!!

manuscrypts said...

rock on, i say :)

Kro said...

may you and your keyboard continue to belt out the magic
and may the music continue to sing in your blood
and may the happiness envelope you like a warm blanket on a cold day.

-for another 3 years.

Eveline said...

@manu: Definitely heading for the five year mark. Thanks! :)

@Ku2: Its seems like I'll always read your blog. Please keep writing cos I love your take on things...
The header is very symbolic. Maybe when i have the time, i shall write a post about it. Thanks.
Cullum does have a big head. Guess, the photographer was re-he-he-ly good. :))

@Kro: I can't thank you enough for that. It was absolutely beautiful. :) Thank you Kro.

agent green glass said...

happy aniv eve!

and once again, thanks for all the music. it always makes my day : )

Anonymous said...

Happy Third Anniversary girl! May you have many more. I haven't read you much, but absolutely love what I have and like your space a lot!

Lovely New Header. :)
But. I feel the old one had more attitude. Or maybe I got used to it!:)

Mizohican said...

Three years is a huge thing. Most people give up after a year. You madam, have the passion and talent. Looking forward to more years shared together. :)

mentalie said...

happy anniversary! or is it happy birthday? anyway, happy, happy to you, eve. your new masthead is lovely. as is jamie :)

Eveline said...

@ Agent Green Glass: Merci buckets my friend. Thanks for sharing this with me.

@Choco: Well despite sounding repetative; thanks for sharing this moment with me. It's been great being able to share in some of your life. And quite awesome to meet ppl like you along the way, i must add. so, thanks. :)

@illusionaire: Thank you so much Kima. It's been fun (and I hope it will continue to be so for a long time). =)

@Mentalie: Thank you! And thank god for this little part of the world, you know?

iAmCha said...

Hi Eveline,

Congratulations on your blog.
And the new header. :)
You didn't have to mention moi name.

I will look forward to listening to a new song each new day.

I still have the "Twenty Something" debut album of Jamie's tape we use listen way back! Hehe.

(Apologies for the delay on the comment. I had to keep myself away from commenting since I also wanted my share of an unexpected dazzle on my first ever visible comment. If not, probably after a really long time.Hehe.)

PS. I got a bigger head than Jamie.