May 14, 2010

So, hi. What’s up. Yeah, I know. Listen: I’m not so much abandoning EC as just sort of ignoring it. Totally different.

I’m trying to focus on texting elsewhere, offline, which takes up a lot of time, both valid and overstated. Also, whatever I write here lately would just be me gushing about my week so far with a cute boy, but I think instead I’ll keep it to myself cos there’s no way I’m going to make that particularly interesting or funny. In addition, my luck in all things seems to have done a giant flip-flop for the better, and I’d hate to jinx it.

On the whole, I’m super friggin’ glad. ‘Long-distance guy’ continues to painstakingly woo me. I know, I was supposed to not write about it, because it’d just be gushing, and do you want to read it? Hell no. The less you guys see me being all excited about this courtship ritual the better. All I’ll say is that he’s really really smart, witty and hilarious, so you can see what I’m dealing with here.

Right. Anyway. Moving along…to other stuff in my life. Uh… Runa and I watched Iron Man 2. I bet you have, too. And if you haven’t then I urge you to go for it. The best scene in the entire movie involves Scarlet Johansson looking like this and doing her own stunts:

So you know it’s good.

That’s all I got. The week brings dreadful work. Nothing too glamorous or exciting, but it’s money, honey, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 26 years, it’s that love don’t pay the bills. It will, however, make you feel like you just ate a bar of chocolate, and what’s not to like about that?

As much as I'd love to hate this band called The xx - I really can't. Seriously. I'd love an excuse. But they're pretty awesome. The song ‘Islands’ is really infectious and I love it with a fiery passion that burns with the strength of a thousand suns. But I am positive that the geniuses behind this track have somehow infused it with the mental (television counterpart of weed). How else can you explain the subconscious urge that compels me to awaken with this track in my head? Were I to be deprived of ‘The xx’, I know I would experience the shakes, enter a violently spastic state and end up chopping my ears.

P:S To all my friends and family in Nagaland. Please be at the Jumping Bean Café, Dimapur, tomorrow evening for the Soulmate show. You know the drill by now, right?

7 Pulses Say:

ku2 said...

wrote a lovely long comment but the internet here is soo horrible i got disconnected and im too lazy to repeat what i said....

just..voyeur that i am, id love to know more about u and long distance guy, so gush already!

Ruan said...

Jinx it?! Sigh! I hate that word. Nothing's going to jinx your happiness unless you let it my pretty. So don't worry. Be happy :*:)

Vintage Obsession said...

Thats one of the best comments i have received till date :-) thank you soo much and means a lot to me :) of course i will come :)

Unknown said...

:) Thanks for commenting on my entry. I watched Iron Man 2 two weeks ago, and it was OK. Been wanting to watch Robin Hood this week but everybody was busy with life / work / whatever.

Where is Nagaland? (Dragonland?)

Eveline said...

@Ku2: The world could do with a few more of you. :))
Aw, love sweeps the Internet. It's gross, isn't it? hahaha

@Ru: Argh. I promised myself I wouldn't cry. :P Good to have you back at EC, even if it is just for one post. ;) hahaha... love ya!

@Vintage Obsession: The joy and happiness should be shared just as much ... if not more! :)) I'll be honoured if you made it.

@Shadowthorne: I hope to catch Robin Hood as well this weekend if i dont have the usual social gatherings to attend.
Nagaland - is well, in the north-east of India. Very close to Myanmar.

Ridhi said...

Happy Blogiversary ByootY!

Listening to Nouvelle Vague as I was reading through this.


Have a good year ahead with many many more writings :*

Eveline said...

@Ridhs: :) Thanks home-girl! You are awesome.