May 26, 2008

An Encounter with the Little Sparrow


I picked up this DVD because the cover looked interesting and most importantly, it had to do with ‘music’. The film is about legendary French singer- Edit Piaf. I’ve never heard of the name or her music before this movie but I’m delighted to own a copy because the entire film right from the script, cinematography and music down to the cast, the colors and exploration of each scene was immaculate!
La Vie en Rose is an amazing 2 ½ hr journey. I wasn’t a Piaf fan but this movie does move her to the top of my star list.
What makes the movie truly magical is Marion Cotillard's riveting performance. She engages you the entire movie with her transfixing voice and that’s what does it for me. Edit Piaf's singing style is absolutely uncanny, fascinating and… spellbinding… and– she defines ‘Living the Song’.
My favourite song in the movie- ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’.

2 Pulses Say:

Kaushyk said...

La Mome was a masterpiece! But then pris, it was Marion Cotillard who played Edit Piaf. Her performance was doubtless the best. And yep, "No regrets" is my favorite, too.. I'm so glad she won the Oscar! :-)

Eveline said...

Me too!!! Now that's called acting!