May 26, 2008

Introducing the Soul Sistas!

An unlikely Amazonian trio. Backbenchers in some classroom. Similar musical inclinations. One creature, extemely knowledgable and ingenious. The other a jester on the move and a person who’ll imitate the worst of you especially when you need to make an impression. The third cant be spoken about too much. Something volatile and a hyperactive amalgamation would be the closest that you can get to an explanation.
Visionaries of a skeptical age. They do their own thing on their own terms, and of course it doesn't sit well most of the time, even with it being the 21st century and all. Wild broken stars destined to waver in their importance in the cosmos, they know no boundaries. Apart from these things that keep them together, they long for the unhinged freedom that comes with music that challenges everything they know and have learnt.
They have voices that would swell into harmonious melodies but would rather enjoy a good show when given the chance. Not all people are made to be stars or meant to be on stage.
Constantly breaking through layers of remarkable idiocy, worldly weirdness, exasperation and logic fumbling. They have come a long way since popular music and have found innate happiness in sneaky shadows of the music industry.

They don’t need a stage for one to explore their explosive personalities they just need to be known.

1 Pulses Say:

Ray said...

What more can i say about this special blog? written sensitively with such accuracy, that it tugs at your heart strings!!!:)its just perfect!