May 25, 2008

Buying Time!

Today wasn’t the best end to the week and I’m still trying to buy some time and hang onto Sunday, very reluctant to let it go. I read an entry about me on an old friend’s blog… Seriously buddy?? Right now, I imagine myself as an executioner laying out some bone-crushingly brutal style torture.
I don’t get men! If I don’t like them it means something’s wrong with me? Face it! We were just friends and if I didn’t go out with you it’s not because I thought you were nuts (although that would work as a good reason) but it was because you were like a… FRIEND!!
Bollocks! I didn’t want to get personal on my blog…
A month ago on Facebook, I was looking through some of the events featured for the month and noticed that ‘Dream Theatre’ was playing the next day in Canada.
Head- bouncingly cool!! I can just imagine their over-the-top show that turned the crowd into an ocean of hopping, moshing, sweaty bodies! Just for kicks I ticked ‘attending event’.

As I write this, I hear him singing to me…‘She’s got shadows in her shoebox…..’ and now, he takes off …saying something that doesn’t quite make sense but it flows seamlessly with the melody. The pace of the song quickens and you can hear his breaths, his voice getting raspier and he takes you into a spiraling world and as this was wonderfully built, it wonderfully dissipates. You’re left wondering whether the experience was real and when the silence is heard you’re ready to replay the song, hoping you’d feel the same way again… surprisingly You Still Do!!!!

An amazing stranger stopped by and read my blog- thank you! I never thought this page would be read by anyone really. Here’s to fast friends and musical allies.

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