May 26, 2008

An Upcomming Local Band

I know, I know! Two blogs in just a day… what can I say? I’m on a roll! A creative trajectory as unpredictable as the Indian Cricket team. Lately, my memory’s been good. So I’m going to inscribe all I can remember about music I enjoy. The band I’m going to write about hasn’t been officially launched yet but they’re getting famous with time.
Bangalore boys- Tony Das, Alwyn, Tillu, Mark Lazaro and Prakash- quite known in music circles around the place, were hand picked by Music Mogul and Producer Sandeep Chowta to make music that B’lore wouldn’t have quite heard before.
I knew Tony Das and the vocalist Mark Lazaro and that’s the only reason I’ve been in touch with the band. The first time I saw them perform, it was in Dec., I think. The weather couldn’t make up its mind if it wanted to rain or not. A couple of bands had already performed including Lounge Piranha and I was one of the few women who were there that late cheering the band on.
Then came up the guys known as Karma6- Bangalore’s very own. Mark Lazaro, the lead vocalist- dressed in black and his hair curlier as ever, living out the ultimate singer’s dream. He grabbed the microphone and belted out ‘Fix you’ and ‘Speed of Sound’ by Coldplay, ‘Sometimes I feel like screaming’ by Deep Purple, ‘Shine’ by Mr. Big, ‘Afterglow’ by INXS and ‘Pretender’ by Foo Fighters. I had a chance to talk to him once and to hear him talk about music is the best feeling in the world. Hearing him sing made you want to release your inner rock star! This young, energetic group of musicians demonstrate a refined style that is largely unhindered by the type of hero-worship that often marks a young band. They filled that night in Dec. with some high energy and proved themselves to be an unbeaten live act and ferocious musicians that cannot be stopped.
Several months later… fast forwarding to April ’08, the band released their first video shot by National Geographic. The song's release marked the impressive rise of the band and the message they sent out can be felt throughout.
Karma6 is working to record a full-length album very soon, and in the meantime, they will be playing on as many stages for all to enjoy.

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