August 15, 2010

The Fifteenth

Sometimes, usually after watching the news broadcast about a starved family or a tornado-swept place or a government that represses civil liberties, I play the "I'm thankful I was born..." game. You've almost certainly played it. You know, "I'm glad I was born into the family I have" or "I'm glad I was born with two hands". And while I am immeasurably grateful for those things, the general premise for me, at least, is "I'm glad I was born in this country." Which is weird since I really wasn't born in this country. I was born in the Gulf to two Indian parents. Which makes me Indian, regardless of the country in which the delivery room was situated.

I still believe myself damn lucky to be an Indian. There are a lot of things I am in opposition with in this country. But it's tough to dispute with a place in which, every five years, individuals are nominated in and out of power without an ounce of bloodshed.

Happy Independence Day. I think the best part about being an Indian is that we can sit here and disagree, period.

1987 was a great year for music. Unfortunately I was too busy watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and learning Arabic taught by a tall Lebanese woman to pay too much attention. Anway, the year brought us Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’, Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, Guns N’ Roses ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ and U2’s ‘With or Without You’ as well as debuts from Gin Blossoms, Green Day Porcupine Tree, and Alice in Chains. The one song I remember listening to this year was Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over”.

9 Pulses Say:

k said...

comment unconnected to current post:
"grandfather and grandchild"
super pic.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

As we are content the way we are now, let's be thankful. If we aren't happy, make ourselves happy (maybe with the expense of others).

That's just me talking.
And Happy Independence Day!

ku2 said...

This song is such a classic. Its not just a love song, its more about the angst of a nation, blah3 :D Perfect choice for ID day. And I love being an Indian too. Psssion without too much flare-ups, yay!

Eveline said...

@K: I like that photo alot. What I loved more was the moment my uncle was sharing with his grandson. Just had to freeze it.
Thank you so much. :)

@Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini: haha That's how it should be! Thanks for writing in. :)

@Ku2: Crowded House was one of the few early 80s bands I really liked. I'm glad to know you like the song too.
I just posted it cos I wanted to hear it again myself. Not because it had anything to do with Independence Day. But I'm glad you found a connection. What are the odds of that? :)

Prutha said...

happy independence day to u too hunny!!! jai hind!!!

just went to a very cool concert last night which started on aug 14 [late night] and went into aug 15th to celebrate both india and pakistan's independence day... called unification...what a brilliant idea right? i loved it... in little ways i feel like we can bridge the gap eventually :)

Choco said...

I have played that game too. Helps keep one grounded at times and afloat at other times.
Agree with you on the virtues of democracy bit. We crib about the anarchies so much that we sometimes overlook some important basic stuff that we should be thankful for. :)

╬▒lphamale said...

Great post for independence day! ... I'm glad i'm indian too but i admit i do have several moments of disillusionment with the government and the state of affairs in general... but i guess everything has its down side...

i've always loved that song... reminds me of a time before pirated music and all those countless hours i spent listening to late night radio shows...

(btw i'm still waiting on a reply from you and hoping you'll write for our website) =)


imchaba said...

I have no one to blame but myself for the situations I have gotten myself into. I am part of that "corrupted" mind and the world.

This wayward child is still with the weight of the world, thinking about the calamities, the distraught around the world..our country. And more importantly, the cities on the hill on the East Side, which you are now part of.

I remember shutting my room while as a student in Bangalore and listening to Sixpence None the Richer's version of this song. Occasionally, you would come along in your scooty. :)

To quote a fellow psycho and my all time Fav muse, Jimi Hendrix--
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

No more walls! No more boundaries!


Eveline said...

@Prutha: That idea was awesome. I need to do something to unwind soon. Although, I'm not sure I can unwind. It may be a problem. :P
Happy Independence Day. :)

@Choco: True. It felt great to just put it into context.

@╬▒lphamale: It's a fine line some days... Hope you had a wonderful Independence Day.
The song reminds me of school. Funny, how I've never owned their album until very recently.

@imchaba: I remember the good ol' days too. When you were around and we were neighbours. *sigh*
And I totally get it when you say 'we' are part of the problem. :) Thanks for writing in BFF.