August 18, 2010

The Case of Cerebral Briggsy*

I was busy all day. I really was, no shit, 7 hours long. As painful as I'm sure that sounds, it was really a pretty awesome day. But I think I'm now suffering from Cerebral Briggsy. And? Cerebral Briggsy? I previously revealed that I think I'm suffering from Cerebral Briggsy? Sorry. Must be because I'm suffering from Cerebral Briggsy.

All that good tactical thinking at work left me lacking the good quality time necessary to get my freak on. So it's your turn. Yes, your turn to tell me how the week’s going. I think it’s the Cerebral Briggsy that’s making it hard to deliver to you this Wednesday. Let's have it - tell me about the good, the bad and the ugly.

Once you're done, check out some awesome music below. Listen to it, and you'll get twice your recommended daily allowance of awesomeness. Warning - there is danger of awesome overload.

MGMT sounds nothing like anything we’ve covered before. I’m using this opportunity to write about one of the most exciting things I’ve stumble upon in recent times.
Whether this band is giving new meaning to the terms ‘Psychedelic Pop' or 'New Wave' or 'Neo-psychedelia' or reinventing the standard measures of a track, Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser are always up to good. Producing heavy tunes since 2005, the band’s flexible use of drum, guitar, keyboard lines and dusty electronica samples has helped in launching a consistent style that chases your train of thought and let your ears do all the thinking.

Two years after ‘Oracular Spectacular’ (one of my favourite albums) jumped on the decks it pretty much set the standard for gold, instantly making the band entryway artists for anyone who was just beginning to explore the whole wide-eyed electro optimistic genre. I’m always intrigued by a song that’s far from my home genre and I couldn’t be more serious in saying that MGMT is totally listenable. You can bet your ass their most recent album ‘Congratulations’ (2010) plays as smooth as their ‘Oracular Spectacular’ album (2008). Surely it is not for everyone, but be it textured or impressive… it never reaches a point of becoming too much of one thing– and that my friend, is a good thing. It’s the perfect recipe for repose if you ask me. In fact, I’m not sure why this hasn’t been considered for hypnosis. Now do as I say and listen.

MGMT with 'Electric Feel'

*Cerebral Briggsy: A disease that severely affects the brain causing the sufferer to be devoid of common sense, reality and render them completely useless at everything

4 Pulses Say:

ku2 said...

Coincidence- am listening to Flash Delirium right now :D I like these guys.
And I think I also have whatsistname? :P

Anonymous said...

LOL! :))
I had an uneventful drag of a week. Long hours. Very little sleep. Jeans one size smaller now. No really!

I always click on your songs in peace. When I am not multitasking. So can't comment on that part yet. Though you have awesome taste and I have almost always liked what I have heard on this space. :)


Unknown said...

Cerebral Briggsy? That's a new one for me. Is it permanent? :)

I sleep after a tiring day. To 'defragment' the information of the day.

Eveline said...

@Ku2: What are the odds of that? :)
I dont know if they got a lot of radio play here. But they're one of the few bands I really like in this decade. I'm glad to know you like them too. :)
And about Cerebral Briggsy. The cure is booty shakin'. There may be hope for you just yet.

@Choco: Damn the long week days. But hooray for weekends (and also, check out the music when you have the time. That is all). :)
Thanks for writing in.

@Shadowthorne: Nah, not permanent. But just reading over that line in my blog has made me braindead. Sleep? Blink Blink. Doesn't help. I think I might just need some happy pills now.