August 12, 2010


Two words, used independently of one another are all right... but strung together in the right order they're even more remarkable. The words? ‘Day’ and ‘Off’.

That's right folks...I've taken the day off. I kicked the weekend off early, by taking Thursday and Friday off. Given the stress of the last several months, it was the least I could do. I thought it was an outstanding idea. So my good friend, Ruan and I had steak for lunch and went to Fro-Yo for dessert and shopped more than you could shake a stick at. I have no idea what I'm going to do with the hours stretching out in front of me but I know one thing for damn sure - I won't be working. Not even a teensy weensy little bit.

Maybe I'll catch up on some of my favorite blogs. Maybe I'll learn the ancient and traditional art of ninja fighting. Maybe I'll hop over to the Middle East and work on that whole peace thing. Or I can just sit on my ass. Also thanks to the folks at Nokia India, I won't be thinking too much about it while I'm spending quality time with my new Nokia X6!

I wade through the usual music sites about a couple of times a week and it’s fairly rare that anything really catches my attention. About once every other while, however, I am pleasantly amazed by a message from a friend that contains a little musical gem.

This cover of ‘Ayo Technology’ (originally performed by 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland) by Belgian singer-songwriter, Milow, turned out pretty good I think. To be fair the remainder of the album ‘Milow’ (2009) is decent, but it’s nowhere near the level of this cover.

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by or is currently following EC. And, as always, enjoy the music.

5 Pulses Say:

imchaba said...

Milow made me drink another cup of tea this morning. I saw the youtube video. It's Evuhlin' Hawt!

Any more updates about the phone?
Is it good? hope Nokia is reading this. I also want!

Hey Evuhleen, bought these "Sennheiser" earphones yesterday. I am crashing on Crash Kings!

Thank you for the music.

Happy Weekend!

BrownPhantom said...

Cryo !!! :)

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

:) If you really have nothing better to do, go and force peace down their throats in the Middle East. I am fed up with all the whining and groaning from that side of the world.

Eveline said...

@Imchaba: My still very sheltered musical palette did not discover this musical genius but fortunately, I have a friends who's recommendations always keep me pleasantly shocked.

I think my dreams lately are trying to tell me that I'm some kind of superhero, or should be, with an X6 sidekick. ;)
In short, I'm just kicks major ass. :)
Congrats on the new earphones. Listening to Crash Kings is what I love most in this world right now. It's pure heaven on earth... right in my bedroom. Thanks for giving them a try.

@BrownPhantom: Good God, Man! English!

@Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini: Forget the peace in the Middle East thing. Not that I'm against it, but that would take so much work and do you really want me to work that much on my day off? I didn't think so. I think I'd trade that with making an imprint of my body on the couch and waste away the whole day. :) Thanks for writing in, as always.

Choco said...

Good you had fun. Ninja fighting sounds like a good skill set to have :D
I slept every second I was home this weekend. Apart from that, saw Peepli Live, shopped, wandered around. Am home now and sleepy again... zzzz :)