June 14, 2010

Food I’d Like To Build A Shrine For

Things I Need In the Day to Function:

  •  a shower 
  • at least one cup of tea
  •  meat 
Okay, I may not devour meat every single day, but you knew it was only a matter of time before I suggested it as a necessity for the day. But I swear, you guys. This post isn't just any post.
Anyone who has paid any attention to EC for the past three years knows that I, Blogger Eveline, am a fan of meat. What is it about meat that's so amazing? And is it possible for one to survive on it alone? No, what about with cheese?

Sandwiched between two buns or on a stick, I love meat. So it should come as no surprise that these savory hamburgers are super tempting to me.

This particular picture is like an orgasm in my mouth. I swear to god. And when I saw it this morning that smell seeped through my office making me think I was in heaven. I suggest you all try it.

You think I'm kidding with the whole food-I'd-like-to-build a shrine thing for? Think again. Because if I had the space and the confidence that I wouldn’t be sent to the nuthouse, I'd probably stick the burger on golden plates and then pray for its deep-seated goodness, because seriously? Triple meat layered? Ground beef, bacon-stuffed grilled cheese sandwich as the buns. This hamburger is pure genius. So not only do I want to build a shrine for this food, I want to be BFF with the person who created it.

But before I start singing my ‘Meat meat meat i'm makin the moves on youuu. You're meat!’ song let me post today’s track. I’m attempting to finish the entire first season of GLEE and trying to get together a massive playlist and that has dominated most of my music listening time. Luckily I stole some time back over this past week to listen to a handful of random songs strewn about here and there on the web. Even more fortunately for all of us I stumbled upon one that was sent to me by a friend. It’s by William Fitzsimmons called ‘Passion Play’ and it’s worth a listen. Don’t be fooled by the title of this song. When the vocals drop in you’ll realize that you’re in heaven. It makes you want to curl up on a hammock with a certain someone and watch the wind blow through the grass. Enjoy the music, enjoy your week.

4 Pulses Say:

imcha said...

Hey EC,

You don't know what it's doing to me, but this is by far one of THE best artists you have ever introduced (for me).

I immediately checked his myspace and bio before listening to the track. How on earth could I have missed this person?(all the more reason to pay more attention to your blog!)

He is one of those rare discoveries where you as a kid taste "Axone*" for the first time and the savor remains in your buds, the mind, through the veins...

*Orgasmic Therapy.

Thank you.

Eveline said...

Music is like magic to me. The touch of a tune and an image appears! A realist will tell you it’s not magic at all but a science of understanding notes and chords. I’d rather look at music as magic.... or like you mentioned - Axone!

Happy listening, playing and dreaming.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

??? Is that burger really exists?!!! I want one!!!!!!! Ditto a meat lover.

Eveline said...

Yup! It is. :)
It's termed the 'Hamburger Fatty Melt'. Sold apparently only in the US. But with the basic ingredients you can make one yourself. Do with it what you will—tomato, lettuce, onion, green chiles, etc. :)
Also note: Wear a bib or bring plenty of napkins to the table. This thing is one greasy monster.