June 08, 2010

Issue : Someone Needs an Ass-Kicking

Too. Much. Cruelty. Really, guys, there's just too much out there. It's an overload. And I'll give you one that just happened yesterday.

To many, it might seem nightmarish to watch someone beat the shit out of some helpless individual. But that's exactly the position in which I found myself. Except that the helpless individual was two dogs resting in the shade.

After a full day of work and gym action, I wanted to put this horrible Monday of mine away, go home, crash into bed. And as I was walking I saw a bunch of local kids moving stealthily towards something on the side. I was too curious to keep my eyes on the road and… the next thing I knew, there was a bottle and stick thrown at full force at the sleeping dogs. And that just made my blood boil! But before I had time to react, I heard those mongrels running and laughing all the way down to the end of the road.

That being said, between us, I’d like to find these kids and do to them what they did to those poor dogs. I know there’s a line of people who would want to mangle these kids. I hope and pray that karma exists. Kids who start off being so extremely violent at such a young age and have no concern for other living beings; I can only wonder what these imps will be like as grown-ups. Abusers? Rapists? Muggers? Gang members? You don't need witty commentary from me. My only suggestion? Drop these kids in North Korea with their damn bows and arrows and see what happens. Either that or strap them down and let dogs lick their face for all eternity.

Don't let any of this get you down, folks. After I got home and had freshened up. I walked into the living room and playing on the floor was the most adorable thing in the world, my niece, trying to paint with a little smile on her face. Seizing encouragement from the important things in my life and never being overwhelmed under the burden of what is often a dim-witted world. Time and again, it's a gorgeous place to be in as well.

Speaking of gorgeous I first heard of Nikka Costa’s ‘Push & Pull’ over the weekend through a friend I must mention – Ajay Jee. This four minute song inspired me enough to listen to it over and over again and also post it in this entry. and. she. is. awesome. Plus I really like the lyrics in this song. Kudos to you Mr. Jee.
That wraps up today’s post. As always, enjoy the music.

9 Pulses Say:

mentalie said...

bloody little bastards. i don't have the benefit of your niece to cheer me up after that, eve!

Badri said...

Hmmm. Kids!!! I remember reading from one novel that children are the most cruel, selfish creatures on earth. After reading it, I was surprised about that new perspective the novelist gave.

When I was a kid throwing stones at dogs was a fun sport. I still remember when I was a kid, a threw a big stone on a dog. My mom saw me and thrashed me for being cruel... But then, the point is that I have not turned out as an abuser or a rapist or a mugger. In fact, when I see a street dog, I feel like patting its head, and not throwing a stone...

Children are hardly aware of 'pain'. Once they become aware of 'pain', they probably become sensitive... like I did.

ku2 said...

I remember as a kid pouring candle wax over moths and ants. There's a sadist inside most kids. While on one hand its more about experimentation and curiosity more than outright cruelty, there are just some kids that cross the line- like the kinds that tie firecrackers on cats' tails..I say, smack them!

Vintage Obsession said...

I know they were kids n all but you should have run them over.At least we will not have to wait for them to grow up and wait to see what cruel things they become. My blood boils to when i see people mis-treating animals .

shouldifollow said...

Ohhhh, such a groovy song. She is a lil nasal for my liking but the bass and the snapping is just sublime.

And oh, smack the kids, I'd understand; muggers rapists. That's a lil too over the top. Kids, do not necessarily walk out of the belly with a sense of right from wrong. They learn, they evolve. They need our guidance.

agent green glass said...

i would have killed them.
and the song is supah!

Eveline said...

@mentalie: DOG-KICKERS. Damn them. Sorry about that mentalie. But I keep wondering what, oh what, is wrong with our society?

@Badri: How come the only things i hurt when i was little was plastic and blonde? If children dont know what pain is about i think it's upto the parents to instill it in them. I could go on and on, but I really do wish the world would give us a bone of happiness every once in a while!

@Ku2: This thing about kids being sadists. Never believed that. Like most toddlers grow up with direction from elders this must be one of the many lessons learnt.
I think your idea for punishment is too kind. They should strap 'em kids down and cover them in squeeky toys. And a put a kitten in their pants. A kitten that hasn't yet been declawed. And is covered in gravy.

THEN we'll smack them. :D

@Vintage Obsession: My head is spinning with ideas! I'm your grasshopper, Sensei...Happy weekend!

@shouldifollow: "Push & Pull" is soon becoming my favorite song ever – I've been putting it on repeat all week.
Lil' Nasal?? I think she has a very sexy funky bass voice. Raspy, yeah. But nasal? Far from it. Listen to “Everybody Got Their Something”. Maybe it'll change your mind.

I am also in agreement with your feelings about kids and their lack of discernment of right and wrong. But it's apalling and disgusting on many levels when you see them get a kick by hurting animals.

@agent green glass: Thank you!! :)I guess that's why I like blogging so much cos it ends with music.
About the killing. No idea if that helps, but might be worth looking into. :P

Anupama said...

It's such a painful story this and unfortunately an increasingly common scene on city streets of late. I'm not surprised though, since kids model themselves on adults they see and with the kind of insane insensitive indolent and idiotic majority that populates the earth now what else will they learn?

Eveline said...

@Anupama: I've found that most kids or grown-ups who hurt other living beings very much hate themselves or worse, are incredibly misguided. As hard as it is... I have to learn to love these types of people too... which, I kind of suck at.
How have you been doing?? It's been too long. Do update me! :)