June 23, 2010

In the interest of honesty I feel like I should admit what’s been happening with me lately. Things between Long Distance guy and I have well, ended, completely out of the blue. I was pretty perplexed and overwhelmed. I was also pretty mad, for a number of reasons. So anyway, a week after things went sour I somehow got myself home after a very long and tiring day of shopping with friends and ended up, sitting on the floor and going through his texts and trying not to cry because I missed him and hated him so much. I am not proud of this. So not proud that I felt duty-bound to share it with a group of strangers, obviously.

But I guess one can’t have the power over whether or not someone else still wants to be acquainted with you, and with some people, I guess that’s possibly for the best. Here’s where I differ though, because once somebody has made a huge enough impact on my life for me to regard them part of my private circle, they never really disappear from my heart. For whatever reasons these changes came about with Long-Distance guy, whether it was for the best, or his choice, or entirely out of my hands, it doesn’t change the fact that I still think about him, and miss him. I don’t know if I’ll miss him being a part of my life cos he never really was around, but I’ll definitely miss knowing him.

Why am I doing this again? Because I think it’s good karma to come clean or something? What the hell gave me that thought? Screw karma. I’ll take my good day and see what happens.

Today started off quite excellently. It’s the day rock n’ roll readers get a pretty sweet present. I woke up, got to work, had my morning tea, jumped online and stumbled onto this fresh and phenomenal song from Them Crooked Vultures. And with a group like John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin, Dave Grohl from Nirvana/Foo Fighters and Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age/ Kyuss/ Eagles of Death Metal providing the nastiness behind the music, this is a once in a lifetime thing. Maybe I’m just overhyping but based on what I’ve heard, this supergroup could be the knockout punch of the year. If you’re not familiar with the band’s music check out “New Fang’ below - which is now my absolute favorite song. Rock out with some crooked vultures.

P:S My photo entries have been uploaded on the first Chillibreeze Photo Contest of North East India. Just visit these links here, here, here and here to my pictures. That's really all.

8 Pulses Say:

illusionaire said...

hugzzzz.... like I said before, long distance relationships are what I've been living on for the past so many years, so I completely feel you gurl. The hunger you crave, just to call the other person up again and listen to that oh so comforting and soothing voice, the connection that seems to break the very laws of physics and make distances come close together...

But like any relationship, time can heal this too, and we are always there for any support you need. Hugz once again sweets.

ku2 said...

The thing with net romances is that you get to show the most interesting side of you,minus the mundane everyday stuff that couples have to deal with, so its easy to feel that the other person is pretty special... or so they say, heh. I'm horrible with consolations! So I think I will just move on to music! And I haven't even heard of this collaboration. Must definitely check it out.
And hey, hang in there, "♪cos' every little thing's gonna be alright♫".. yea, am bad at consolations :(

Anonymous said...

I say delete the messages! They just make it harder to move on! It sucks when someone who really means a lot to you is the source of your pain. I hope you feel better soon.

- AD

Meghana Naidu said...


lots of it.
been there, done that, so this is all i'll say-
"it gets better, eventually everything does"

and i really have to catch up on your music, its been long since i heard ANYthing new, i'll even dig up some reco's for you from 'my dark times'

stay funky E.V


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I also say delete all the posts that concern him. I would have at least had the decency to comment "anonymously" if I were this LDR.

And hey, just call me, I am learning Muay Thai. :P


Eveline said...

@Illusionaire: Thank you Kima for the comment, kind words and positive vibes. After this last one I swore I wouldn't ever get into another relationship with someone who didn't live in my city. Hope it sticks. hehe
I never believed long-distance relationships ever worked. I just wanted to prove that I was the exception to the rule.

@Ku2: The excruciating longing for each other - I dont know who has the patience for it! Thanks for trying with the consolation though. That was insanely awesome. :)

@AD: Thanks for that. Whoever you are. It takes a special type of person to make a total stranger feel better.

@Meghana: I always enjoy hearing from you.
But is it weird that the depressing phase didnt last too long? =)
Getting my priorities in order and happy that things are getting back to normal. Although, i'm very interested in receiving that list from your 'dark times'.

@Mistah Moon: hahahaha... Your Muay Thai wont be of use when you're in a different state altogether.
Yes, your suspicions were accurate right from the start. Remind me to consult you in all matters of the heart from here on. Love you, BFF.

Choco said...

Ohh...*Hugs* *Big Bear Hugs*

It does help to vent. What are blogs for eh? :)

The second paragraph in your post struck a cord with me. I am so like that. Hate that about myself. Hate it when some people leave a mark. But with time you grow to appreciate that mark and that effect they had on you...

Eveline said...

@Choco: It makes me feel better to know that I'm not the only one who feels like that. So maybe this will improve my karma in order for me to have another amazing day. I was due some good luck. But Karma or no, thank you for the hugs. :))