May 28, 2010


I don't know about you but I'm bushed. I crammed a lot into the week. And I need sleep. Or tea. Anyway, this past week I:

Stocked up on gym-related gear at the Nike store.

Attended a local concert at the B52

Ate tons of beef and dessert.

Celebrated my friend - Z's birthday.

Yup it’s the end of the world... as you know it. Don't be shocked if, you see rats fly. Nor should you be shocked if Lady Gaga wins the Gloria Steinem Woman of The Year Award, the original Metallica lineup (Mustaine, Hetfield, McGovney, & Ulrich) reunites, global warming is completely upturned, China gives up hold over Tibet and the world welcomes eternal peace. Seth Rogen makes a movie that doesn't drive me absolutely apeshit, and the cure for aids is found and that cure is chocolate.

Why? As of Monday, I threw on my running shoes, joined the gym and worked out for a whole hour. There was no one at the back of me with a gun. Just me. Working out. By choice. Effin’ A.

I'm not sure what got into me. I wanted to get rid of the overwhelming feelings I’ve been having lately. And rid I did. And do you want to know something? It didn't slaughter me. In fact, it felt kind of good. Now, I'm not going to make any pledges about turning this peculiar goings-on into a routine. But don't be surprised if it happens again. Or the cosmos implodes.

That explains why I'm so worn out. What did you guys do?

I’ve been listening to Arnel Pineda (The Zoo) before he replaced Journey’s lead vocalist and let me first say, before digressing into a boring rant, that his voice is astounding. Quite simply he makes the band brilliant and will always be known as one of Youtube’s success stories. That being said let the wild rant commence.

The track is gorgeous, heartening, and layered in a way that fits perfectly with Journey. And yet in the background there is the invigorating and memorable vocal track provided by our indescribable hero. Is this enough to quench Journey fans? Probably not. But at least we can put our feet up, certain that the band is still alive and still caught up enough creating quality music.

6 Pulses Say:

Anupama said...

Nice going with the gym Eve! If only I could muster up the same courage it takes to get to the gym and keep at it. My aerobics gig lasted all of 5 days (not all consecutive)...don't get me wrong, I loved it! It's just that the whole early morning thing was getting to me...

Watched a brilliant play at Rangashankara today - Jake's Women - as part of Akvarious theatre fest. See if you can catch one tomo or day after...

Have a lovely weekend Eve!

ku2 said...

Arnel Pineda has got such an amazing voice... Have you seen Jovit Baldivino's cover of Journey's "Faithfully" on 'Pilipana's Got Talent'? Thats another success story right there too.
And happy gymming too!

Eveline said...

@Anupama: I have a lot of friends who run so that's a bit encouraging.
Hope I do stick with it for awhile. I love working out and pushing myself every time but then i hate spending the next two days in bed paralyzed by pain.
Well, only if you're really up to working out, should you get into it. Nothing's worth the effort if your heart's not in it. So here's to getting up and moving! :)

@Ku2: Definitely checking it out and will get back to your email. Sorry about the delay.

mentalie said...

what a lovely busy time you've been having! i've been puking and abusing my belly, in turn. that's fun too. in a passive aggressive kinda way...

Anonymous said...

All the best at the Gym. You will definitely feel good. And food would have never tasted better.
Don't forget to breathe in and breathe out.

And thanks for the lovely song.

Should they play Gloria Steinem's speech in your gym, I will definitely come as your guest.

What say? You and me? Lambada?

Z can also join. :D

Happy Birthday.

Yours Truly,


Eveline said...

@mentalie: The busy week pretty much wiped me out for a long time. Getting old sucks.
I'll keep my fingers crossed that the puke doesn't return.

@Renaldo Moon: Well, gyming has it's ups and downs (real shitty because I've been out of exercise for a year and a half). It always feels good to get your body to work like it's 18 again.
This week will be better I'm sure! Especially better, if the Lambada could be fit into my workout. :D