April 19, 2010

Making It through the Puddle of Life

I'd be untruthful if I stated that the last week was the best ever. I mean, it was alright. Above average, in fact. I was in a crappy mood through much of it and I hold responsible the many things that I've somehow had to get done on the work front.

In other news, I can finally scratch ‘Wine Tasting’ off the list of ‘Things to do before I turn 30’. Yep, I woke up one Saturday, nice and late only to find out there was no electricity. The heat didn’t make things any less annoying. So we headed out to a wine tasting event that was held in B’lore on Saturday. Damn, how suburban of me. It also didn't help that I was simultaneously attacked by a wide assortment of wines and an alcoholic ex-boyfriend. The afternoon was focused on good looking people (fun, a mob scene) and the fact that I ate the most perfect summer meal ever – an assortment of cheeses, a burger, Belgian chocolates and sparkling white wine.

Can I tell you how long it’s been since I’ve just had a whole day to just relax? No. I can't remember that far back. And I'm happy to report that just thinking of the event transcended my shitty mood. It was entertaining. It was righteous.

It’s been raining here in B’lore since last week. And with the terrible summer we’ve been having here nothing is better than a hot day right now. I took a long walk on my way back home, walking in the puddles and adoring the weather for all its rain and cold. Anything’s better than a scorching and humid morning. Life is still very good and I'm a lucky woman to be living in the midst of this gorgeous weather in B’lore.

Imagine if you took a well known track and then you added a grungy bass line and called it a remix. Brilliant. Everything about this cover is perfection. This is a track that feels like it’s never going to reach a point worth caring about. If you turn it off in the first minute you’re missing out. This track is so good I’m tempted to simply stop now and publish this post. Here are The Used with ‘Burning Down the House’.

3 Pulses Say:

ku2 said...

I loooove storms... You have done something from your "to-do-b4-30" list, ugh, ugh, ugh! My list is pending and pending, and I'm nowhere near to achieving them. Now I demand you send me Belgian chocolates to celebrate your achievement and to cheer me up, please :D

Anonymous said...

I trust that you have already started penning a word or two for YOUR book.

I shall be waiting in the line for that first autograph.

Biggest Fan.

Yours truly Stalker,

Renaldo Moon.

Eveline said...

@Ku2: Hey, I have a 100 billion things on my to do list(read: I'm bored.)
Don't worry, I might have just it made through ten of them.
I'd probably send you those red icing "lava" ones with loads of chocolate goodness in them. The one similar to maltesers and rolos and one like a chocolate "rubble". Except the Belgians selling them packed up their stuff and disappeared. Oops!
You aren't coming back here, are you?

@Renaldo Moon: OMG I just laughed so hard I shot milk out of my nose!
Yes, Mistah Moon writing a book does fall into my plan for world domination via control of the stalkers. Awesome. :))