April 23, 2010


Please forgive my recent silence. I haven't had internet access at home in almost a whole week and I think I almost lost my mind. My laptop hasn't been very cooperative. I've somehow managed to infuriate the internet gods, snubbed them in some way. It started when a bug was pushed to my machine late last week...which put Google out of action (Gmail, Gtalk and BlogSpot) because, yeah, I only use that every day. So I was left convulsing without my fix of chatting and blogging goodness. All my browsers refused to load. No scowling face, no question mark. Just a little message saying I should restart my computer. It would have been very, very easy to get caught in an infinite loop, especially as I enjoy following orders. I kept on doing as I was told, rebooting time and time again, but eventually I had to stop for sleep. It's really enough to make one want to gulp down a cake made of nothing but chili paste.

My computer finally got fixed yesterday. Apparently they were able to save most of my data. And, in the end, the price was slightly less astronomically high than I expected it would be. Not much, mind you--I still have to scrap my plan to do some month-end shopping and drinking. But now that my computer is back, of course I'm going to have to catch up on all the blog reading and I shall also see if I can arrange a human sacrifice to pacify the internet gods.

Since I got a job that keeps me sitting down for the better part of the day; parked behind a computer screen. Music is a lifesaver after lunch and it’s been quite a treat to get to listen to loads of the music I had stored in my computer at work. One of them being Incubus’ ‘Aqueous Transmission’, which is a beautiful and relaxing trip through ‘a land of rivers, kung fu and unicorns, eventually making the listener pee in her/his pants’ – Brandon Boyd, Lead vocalist of Incubus. And just a fun fact, the band uses a traditional Japanese string instrument called 'Ko-kyu’ in this track. If you really dig their music you should check out their album ‘Morning View’. Trust me, it’s a good enough album to impulsively get and enjoy it over this weekend. And if you’re not from this side of the world then you might as well enjoy it while you’re at work tomorrow.

Happy Friday y’all!

5 Pulses Say:

ku2 said...

Brandon Boyd!!!Oh hell, hyperventilating first thing in the morning. Oh may he always lose his shirt again and again! He doesnt have to do anything! He just has to "be"! If God created a purely aesthetical waterloo for people, then he is my waterloo... Sorry, can't concentrate on anything else you wrote right now, my brain's officially fried.

Kroswami said...

Two things

1."My laptop hasn't been very cooperative." They never are. You must shown it who is the boss(think water boarding)

2."cake made of nothing but chili paste." call me mad, but that actually sounds kinda appealing. With a nice, chilli-shaped candle on top.

mentalie said...

the internet gods are worse than the ones that struck down entire tribes. DO NOT get them hooked on human sacrifice. they'll be coming after you next. much healthier to sacrifice some data and your inheritance ;)

Choco said...

Ah! I can feel your pain. Had both my computers acting up one after the other right after which my modem followed suit.
PS: Hopped over here from somewhere.

Eveline said...

@Ku2: Understandable. So bad it's good? So gorgeous you can't look away? :))
Been always intrigued by beautiful Brandon Boyd. This is why Incubus couldn't have been left off the EC list. :))

@Kroswami: Started playing the entire score for the Phantom of the Opera but didn't have the heart to jump onto the laptop. I'm considering your plan again at the moment but I suspect I'll be over that by the time I wake up tomorrow.

@mentalie: I don't have to worry about virii anymore--so I'm told.
Putting off the human sacrifice. As you see, in my role as vengeance demon, I can't arrange a human sacrifice to appease the computer gods.

@Choco: Oh dear lord. I dont think I could handle something like that.
It's precisely at times like these I wish I was a computer-geek. Thanks for stopping by! :)