March 30, 2010

Wow! I haven’t blogged in a couple of days… Are you guys sick of my uber-unsurprising weekend recaps? Because that's exactly the kind of action I'm about to break out on your asses right now. If you don't mind.

The weekend was a tough one and, while this one promises to be a bit quieter, well, that promise is quite frequently broken. Luckily, Friday night and Sunday were major vegetation days. And I needed vegetation. Not a nice cold iced beer or a head of iceberg ice cream. I'm talking time without the need to think. On Saturday, I went out to this popular burger joint that so many I know have been talking about.

Verdict? The best damn beef burger I’ve tasted in my life. The company? Awesome. Both were excellent.
So, all-in-all, it was a fantastic weekend that I wished had never ended. But it obviously did, since sitting at my desk downing a cup of steaming hot water in the hope of recuperating from my nasty cold wouldn't be something I'd naturally decide to do if I'd had a choice in the matter.

Well, lots of things came together - I decided to try taking a picture of my niece on camera (A side note: She hasn’t been very camera friendly since she came back from her 6 month long vacation in Nagaland.) I clicked her saying ‘Yo China’ (her version of cheeeeeeese) - all at the right second. But of course, it wasn't just luck. It was persistence. I give you the original outtakes.

It has been a full month since the Lifehouse series graced this humble page (sorry mates, I couldn't post regularly, but work and sickness are simply dominating my time). So I still care. Honestly, I still care. So enjoy the last Lifehouse track on EC off the album ‘Smoke & Mirrors’. I hope it’s been worth the wait and we’ll all keep our fingers crossed that it’s not too long before they return. Enjoy the music.

Lifehouse with ‘Had Enough’

5 Pulses Say:

pseudolegolas said...

pathetic weekend...came from a three month long tour but to my surprise no beer at HRC because of some stupid BBMP elections grrrrrr

mentalie said...

damn. i want my weekend back. but here's wishing you a lovely week and some paolo nutini :)

illusionaire said...

Damnnn, wish that joint was there when I was in B'lore. During our days the only place we used to get good beef stuff was at Fanoos (is it still there?) and when we feel a bit rich, we go to Millers 46 for the beef steak and burger (and of course long island ice tea pitchers). *sigh*

Heyyyy, quick question - are you coming for Goafest 2010? :)

Vintage Obsession said...

I love the picture of the little girl :) soo pretty :)

Eveline said...

@pseudolegolas: As citizens, it's our responsibility to fix the system. If it means having a dry day in order to make people exercise that right, then so be it. Beer's always here to stay. Dont fret. :)

@mentalie: Me too! :( Only mine had a holiday twist. I spend a whole day of power outage at a wine festival. Paolo Nutini - one of my favorites! Some of his songs are on infinite repeat until I was sure the police would be called if I didn't move onto the next song.

@illusionaire: Fanoos?? No idea! Damn, it's been ages since I've been there. Of course, with the recent beef ban we're going to lose all that precious meat. So stuffin' my face with as much beef as possible in the meanwhile.
Goafest? Nope. Wasn't there. Must've been nice. :)

@Vintage Obsession: Thank you. baby abby in our manger :))